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Know all About the Extended Warranty Policies on Your New iPhone

Why is Mobile Phone Insurance Necessary?

It’s very hard to cough up hefty repair bills on product repairing after the standard warranty has expired. That’s when the Extended Warranty for iPhone, kicks in, saving you from such ownership hassles.


Extended warranties can be defined as policies that extend a manufacturer’s standard warranty period of consumer durables. An extended warranty covers the cost of replacement or repair of products. And it could be due to a manufacturing defect or poor artistry. However, the insured has to maintain good care of the product and use goods that comply with regulatory policies.

The extended warranty was more common to the automotive industry in the past, something buyers of all sorts of consumer goods are noticing. Even such plans are also available for consumer electronic goods as well.

Therefore, consumers need to be aware of entered warranties and other forms of insurance, especially Mobile Phone Insurance, and know-how to avail such services. So next time you are going shopping for a new laptop or a new iPhone, you need to keep in mind the Extended Warranty for iPhone and determine how they may prove beneficial in the long run, minimizing all sorts of ownership hassles.

Extended Warranty is good For all!

Manufacturers often provide a standard warranty on every electronic product, promising to repair or replace the product within a stipulated time frame. However, such services are short-lived and rarely bring any profit.

On the other hand, an extended warranty is a service agreement that increases the warranty period over the standard warranty provided by the manufacturer. Let’s say, and if the manufacturer has provided a 2-year warranty on your new mobile phone, then with extended warranty service, you can extend the warranty service by 2 or 4 years, depending on your investment and criteria.

The extended services are often offered by service providers besides manufacturers, providing customers with the option to include additional coverage anytime, be it at the time of purchase or when the standard warranty is approaching the expiration date.

Now you may still ask why an extended warranty buy?

Then you must understand three things.

  • Believe it or not, frequent breakdowns are a reality. Such shutdowns add inconvenience to your usage and interrupt your daily routine.
  • The repair costs are very high. The cost of repairing broken electronic goods is exorbitant. A damaged panel can cost you as much as 75% of your product, whether a phone, laptop, or TV. Such unexpected expenditures are a hassle to your peaceful life.
  • Lastly, when you go for repairs at a low cost, know that your product is in an unqualified hand, and your device is not secure at all. Unqualified repairers are plenty, and you sabotage your device when you go for a cheaper service.

These three reasons are enough to convince you why an Extended Warranty for iPhone is necessary. An expanded warranty not only safeguards your product from any manufacturing defect but also helps you save money in the long term.

Regardless of the condition of your phone, Mobile Phone Insurance protects you from all hassles. The long-term benefits of Extended Warranty services are too lucrative to ignore. Extended Warranties lets you lead a hassle-free life.


A Mobile Phone Insurance adds extended warranty cards to your newly purchased expensive mobile phone, promising to protect it against all odds. Undoubtedly, an Extended Warranty for iPhone is a good choice.

Investing in such services eases the long-term ownership of household electronics and offers you the benefit of choosing plans based on your requirement. A little investment can get you more profits, with nothing to lose anywhere.

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