How To Embed Facebook Reviews To Your Website And Why You Need Them

Speaking of reviews, the first platform that generally comes to mind is Google Reviews. However, there is another platform that is slowly making its way into marketers marketing strategies to gain maximum results. 

We are speaking of Facebook. Being the largest social media platform and recognized worldwide, Facebook has a user base of over 2.6 billion monthly active users. 

According to statistics, Facebook users post up to 350 million photos every day! Now that you know about the popularity of this enormous platform, you must be aware that Facebook introduced a Facebook business page feature that allows users to promote their products and services on their Facebook business page. 

Another feature is that it enables the brand users to leave behind their experiences and what they think of the brand in the form of Facebook reviews. These reviews act like an image-building element for your business. 

Moreso, when you embed Facebook reviews into your website, you increase your brand value, sales and conversions tremendously. 

Wondering how it can be done? Continue reading the blog till the end as we have mentioned the best tools that can be used by you to embed Facebook reviews into your website. 

Additionally, we shall be telling you about the reasons to embed Facebook reviews on your website. 

Without any further ado, let’s get started! 

Best Tools To Embed Facebook Reviews On Your Website 

  • Taggbox Widget 

Taggbox Widget is a leading social media aggregation and User-Generated Content platform that enables its users to collect, curate, and embed content from various social media platforms. Users have the option to aggregate content from over 15+ social media platforms including Facebook. 

Furthermore, after the aggregation of the content., users can leverage the various features offered by the platform to increase the effectiveness of the Facebook reviews widget. 

Users have the ability to customize their feed exactly how they want. You can select from various options like templates, layouts, fonts, and many other styling options. Taggbox also offers an advanced content moderation platform for the users to remove any unwanted, objectionable and inappropriate content from the widget. 

Additionally, the analytics feature of the platform allows you to keep track of the performance of the Facebook review widget. 

Taggbox has an integration with all the major website building platforms including Wix, WordPress, Shopify, etc. that enables users to embed content on their preferred platform. 

Users will be able to get insights into details like engagement rates, clicks, etc that help a great deal in determining the success of the widget. 

Most importantly, the platform offers a robust and active back support team to the users for taking assistance from the team anytime they come across a hindrance or issue while using the platform. 

  • Tagembed 

Another efficient tool to embed Facebook reviews on your website seamlessly is Tagembed. It is a social media aggregation platform that allows users to aggregate and embed content on your website. Users can collect content from a multitude of social media platforms and embed it on their official website. 

Additionally, the users can take advantage of the features offered by the platform. Users can benefit from using the customization options to make the content look more visually appealing. The profanity filter of the tool allows users to monitor the content before publishing it on the website. 

The users can take assistance from the robust back support team if they encounter any issues while using the platform. 

  • Snap Widget 

Snap widget is an effective and user-friendly Facebook aggregation tool that enables users to integrate Facebook content into their website. Users have the option to display the Facebook reviews in various forms including a grid style, slideshow, boards, etc. 

The users can preview the content before finally publishing it on the website. For getting benefits from more features like analytics, etc, users need to upgrade to the pro version of the platform. 

Why Do You Need To Embed Facebook Reviews

Since now you know about the most efficient tools to embed Facebook reviews on your website, in this section, we are going to talk about the benefits of embedding Facebook reviews. 

  • Embedding Facebook reviews on the website increase the overall presence of your website 
  • It helps in boosting the engagement of your website users 
  • Helps in building social proof of your brand 
  • Motivates potential customers to go ahead and purchase your brand’s products 
  • Increases dwell time of website visitors and reduce the bounce rate 

Key Takeaways 

We have reached the end of the blog and you are now fully aware of Facebook reviews. You got to know about the significance of integrating Facebook reviews into your website. 

Additionally, you are also now aware of the most efficient tools that can be used to embed valuable Facebook reviews to your website! 

Now that you are fully acquainted, get going, choose the best tool and embed your customer’s reviews right away.  

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