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Vintage Pocket Watch: The History of Timekeeping

Vintage Pocket Watch: The History of Timekeeping. Watches from the past The traditional Pocket watch has an undeniable charm and antique appeal. Choose from models in bronze, gold, or silver. We have pocket watches that are appropriate for both work and pleasure, with a large range of Vintage, Antique, and Retro pocket watches. The majority of pocket timepieces include a clamshell to protect the hands or dial. This collection of antique Pocket watches for women and men features a unique retro design to this great piece of jewelry that can be worn in a pocket or as a pendant around the neck.

What is a vintage pocket watch?

A pocket watch is a simple watch that can be worn on a chain, attached to a belt, clipped to a shirt collar, or clipped to a pocket. The early pocket watches were mostly worn by men because women weren’t allowed to wear men’s watches. But the wristwatch was in a very real way invented by a woman: Elizabeth Hatfield, wife of the watchmaker Thomas Hildyard. She invented the “hand-and-ball cuff” pocket watch, with its spring that ejected from the top. Then opened a shop in London in 1765. Finally later trained others in her trade and designed watches that were sold under the name of her husband. Pocket watch heiress Princess Mary Adelaide d’Estrées also had a keen interest in horology and watches.

Types of vintage pocket watches

The most common type of pocket watch is the one that is made of gold or silver. You can also choose from bands made of platinum, silver, and precious metals for a more high-end look. Gold pocket watches, for example, are popular for men and women, both as a gift and for personal use. These beautiful pocket watches are elegant and feminine, and therefore suitable for any occasion and any event. Another kind of pocket watch is a watch made of iron, one of the oldest pocket watches. Though they are rare in the market, you can find them in antique stores, if you’re interested in buying one. Whichever watch you choose, it’s important that it’s well made and has a solid build. If it breaks in your pocket or gets lost, you won’t be able to get the pocket watch back.

Why a vintage pocket watch?

You could not imagine a more convenient and practical piece of jewelry to keep your time than a pocket watch. The history of timekeeping started thousands of years ago. With its simple design, the pocket watch was invented during the Renaissance period. This timeless fashion is continuing to influence fashion and daily life around the world.

Tips on buying a vintage pocket watch

When purchasing a watch, take a look at the dial – think about what style suits your personal taste. Our metal models have a different dial to those of the antique pocket watches, or vintage watches. Make sure to choose a high-quality steel watch as you only want to spend a little bit of extra money. Our collection of pocket watches includes both men’s and women’s watches. However, the majority of pocket watches in this collection are aimed towards the female market. Beware the counterfeit pocket watches If you are buying a vintage pocket watch, check out the engraving and the hands and bezel of the watch for authenticity. Many watches that look like antique pocket watches can be fake. Make sure to verify the features and the engraving of the watch for authenticity.


Whether you are going on a short trip or a long-term journey, it is important to have a reliable timepiece to wear. You will be comfortable knowing you will not be late to appointments and will always have your watch with you. There are many watches to choose from for men and women so if you are on the look-out for a watch that gives you the vintage look, a model that combines modern design with a classic look, and a watch that complements your work or leisure look, we have the perfect options for you. Click to order and for more information on our world-class watches, you may visit http://www.csonjewellery.


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