What are the best 5 types of retail packaging boxes?

Best types of retail packaging boxes

Best 5 types of retail packaging boxes

What are the best 5 types of retail packaging boxes? Retail packaging means how the products are packaged to look attractive and presentable on shelves in big stores. They provide inadequate protection to the inside product. that packaging is not only limited to protection but to play an important role in the marketing strategy of a brand. This type of packaging is more important for brand identity and success. One of the benefits of using this type of packaging is that you can easily recognize this type of packaging and they always tend to opt for this type of packaging rather than wasting time checking out all the packaging. Thus the product packaging is important as the product itself.

Every brand is trying to look more unique and attractive than others. Brands that use retail packaging look interesting and chic. They can address the targeted customer niche and helps them to turn the packaging into a part of their experience connected to enjoying a new product. with that retail packaging, some brands trust eco-friendly packaging. Both are best for packing products. The followings are the best 5 types of retail packaging for product packaging that you can use for your brand’s product to increase sales.

Retail boxes:

One of the most common retail packaging boxes that anyone can buy from any general store is a retail box. You can get a retail box if you are ordering some products online. This type of packaging is best when you order any product from a brand because it has a specific design with the brand and manufacturing company that helps in marketing the product. Moreover, you can have the brand’s logo, specific colors, and other details like manufacturing materials printed on their boxes.

These boxes are made of cardboard and you can customize them according to your own choice you can make Them thick or thin, have it in a rectangular shape, and can store and protect the product. you can have usually an additional material that can be used to protect the product. one of the benefits of using this type of packaging is that this retail box will present the specific elements that will make a brand stand out so that customers know right from the start. These boxes are used to pack and present products like microwaves, TVs, household appliances, or personal hygiene products.

retail packaging boxes

Blister packaging:

Packaging that is made by thermoforming process is called blister packaging. This packaging involves heating plastic to a temperature where it can be easily formed and molded into any kind of shape. The term blister means packaging that is made of thermoformed plastic which can help in covering the product easily. It has a pre-formed plastic called a pocket or shell that is often heat-sealed with an adhesive-coated paperboard card or foil. This type of packaging is mostly used for packing small items that can be packed by using a single layer of protective material.

For example, pharmaceutical products are usually packed in this type of packaging. It has small cavities made of plastic that will hold the product easily and on the back. It has a layer of paperboard, aluminum foil, or plastic depending on the product that is going to be packed. If your product is vulnerable to ultraviolet rays, humidity, or any kind of thing you can use this type of packaging for your product.

Clamshell packaging:

This type of packaging got its name from its shape like a clamshell that is opening and closes in the same way a clamshell does. In simple words, it is a one-piece package made of two halves joined together by a hinge. This packaging is made of materials like polyester, polystyrene, foam sheets, or PVC. Moreover, they can also have made of wood-like pulp, foam sheet, or cellulose fibers.

You can use staples, snaps, friction fit, adhesive, or even heat to seal these packages when needed. But, some of them can be tricky to open. And when it comes to branding a clamshell you can introduce them into a bag with your brand logo or apply a label that contains your brand details.

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retail packaging boxes

Counter display:

One of the retail packaging is specially designed for being placed on the counter shelves of shops so that customers can easily see these products and cashiers can easily talk about them. These boxes are close to the visual range of customers so that they are the impulse to buy the product. They have various colors, and details of any brand with a logo printed on them. So that a customer can easily read the details.

The counter boxes have strong visual displays that can help to increase the marketing strategy of any brand. These boxes are cost-effective, easy to manufacture, and easy to replace. This type of packaging is a temporary form of advertising. And you can adjust it according to your brand’s marketing strategy. So it’s up to you whenever you like you can change the counter display.

Insert trays:

Using this packaging is a great way to allow the customer to take a look at the product with using efforts to remove the packaging. These are made of plastic and can be easily customized according to the product’s shape. These trays are often used for makeup boxes or products, tops, electronics, lighting items, and many more. It is made of transparent plastic with a window that is made out of see-through plastic by which a customer can easily see the product.

Moreover, the product is tightly secured inside the box. It is made in such a way as to fit its size and shape. Further, you can put these insert trays inside the clamshell to make out a clear plastic box. So that a customer can have a 360 view of the product inside its packaging.

Summing up:

So, having retail packaging boxes for the products helps the brand to increase its sales. And above mentioned are the best types of packaging for brands to pack their products.

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