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So, what is knotting or bonding in monster romance exactly?

Let’s begin by defining a knot. A knot is a fleshy bulb attached to the base of a penis, separate from the testicles. The knot is inserted during intercourse and is used as a lock to increase fertility in sexually compatible partners by preventing semen from leaking out. Sexual compatibility aside, it can be an extremely pleasurable experience for both parties involved and creates the sensation of fullness. This act is referred to as knotting or bonding.

Within the omegaverse (an alternate universe where the emphasis is placed on interactions between the genders: alphas, betas, and omegas), knotting usually occurs during an omega’s heat or an alpha’s rut, or between bonded pairs.

Outside the omegaverse, knotting occurs at the conclusion phase of sex, where partners are then locked together for a period of time. This time varies between writers and so do the rules in the way they are used.

The knotting dynamic in romance books provides a fun surprise for readers during spicy scenes, and once primarily only seen in the omegaverse have increased in popularity in both monster romance and paranormal romance throughout the years.

Some typical creatures with knots in monster romance books include werewolves, nagas, and aliens!

A few examples of monster romance books that feature knotting include “Death Adder” by Naomi Lucas, “Luxuria” by Colette Rhodes, “Deceived by the Gargoyles” by Lillian Lark, “Snowed Inn (With A Demon)” by L. E. Eldritch, and “My Foxy Mate” by Susan Trombley.

Knotting is prevalent across various forms of media, spanning written and visual formats. From art to manga and books, there’s a vast array of content available to indulge in this theme. Knotting extends beyond the traditional realm of alphas and omegas, now encompassing creatures such as gargoyles, nagas, krakens, and many others.

So, if you like knots, knotted cocks, and all things monster romance, take a look at these knotted stickers and furry YCH stickers from the Monster Smut Sticker Club!

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