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Three Must-have Features of a RAM Truck

San Diego is one of the most populated cities in California, which means that many people need to get around. In San Diego, CA, the average car ownership is two cars per household.

If you are in the store for a new truck, you should consider RAM. They offer some of the best trucks on the market, with tons of features that will appeal to drivers of all kinds.

This blog post can look at three must-have features of a new RAM truck for sale in San Diego. So whether you’re looking for performance, comfort, or safety, RAM has you covered.


The RAM 1500 is available with several engines, each with a unique blend of power and efficiency. The most powerful option is the new EcoDiesel V-six, which makes an impressive 480 lb-ft of torque. But even the base model comes with a capable V-eight engine that delivers plenty of towing and hauling power.

The RAM 1500 comes with a smooth-shifting eight-speed automatic transmission no matter which engine you choose. This transmission is designed to help the truck achieve excellent fuel economy numbers, even when adequately equipped for towing and hauling duties.

Towing and hauling involve more than just having a powerful engine. Depending on your chosen model and trim level, the RAM 1500 is also available with several different axle ratios. As a result, it allows you to optimize your truck’s towing and hauling capabilities to suit your needs better.


The RAM truck comes packed with various tech features to make your life easier. Some of the unique ones are explained below:

  1. a) The RAM truck comes with a 12-inch touchscreen display. It is the largest in its class and allows you to control various functions of the truck with ease.
  2. b) The available Uconnect infotainment system gives you access to music, navigation, and other features. You can even use it to control your smartphone.
  3. c) The available Active-Level Four Corner Air Suspension system gives you the ability to adjust the ride height of your truck. It is helpful when driving on different types of terrain.


Recent reports state that public transit ridership is falling in San Diego as more low-income residents purchase cars. Hence, the need for a reliable and affordable truck has become more apparent than ever.

Here are some of the safety features of a new RAM truck for sale in San Diego.

Blind-spot Monitoring

When you’re driving a big truck, it’s crucial to have eyes in the back of your head. Blind-spot monitoring is a feature that will do just that. This feature uses sensors to monitor your truck’s blind spots and will alert you if someone is in your way.

Blind-spot monitoring is a must-have feature for any RAM truck. This feature is handy when driving on the highway or in a crowded area. It’s a great way to avoid accidents and keep yourself safe on the road.

Forward Collision Warning with Active Braking

It can help you avoid accidents by alerting you when it detects an imminent collision. Then, if you don’t react in time, it will automatically apply the brakes.

As San Diego roads get more congested, this feature becomes increasingly important.

Automatic Emergency Braking

It is an excellent feature in any car, but it’s essential in a truck. You never know when you might need to brake suddenly, and having this feature can help avoid accidents.

Auto emergency braking is a life-saving technology that has been shown to reduce front-to-rear crashes by as much as 40%.

Lane Departure Warning

When you’re driving down the highway, it’s easy to get lost in thought and drift into another lane. So to help keep you safe, a lane departure warning is a great feature in your RAM truck.

This system uses sensors to detect when you’re veering out of your lane and then gives you a visual and auditory alert to get back on track.

Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop and Go

This feature is a must for any driver who wants to avoid the stress of traffic jams. It uses radar to keep you at a set distance from the car in front of you and will even bring you to a stop if necessary. Then, once traffic starts moving again, tap the resume button, and off you go. Trailer Sway Control

This system uses the truck’s brakes and throttles to help keep a trailer from fishtailing. It’s activated when it senses the trailer starting to sway and can help give the driver more control over the vehicle.

It is an excellent feature for anyone who regularly tows a trailer or wants an extra level of safety when hauling a load.


RAM trucks are a great option for those in the market for a new truck. With so many different features to choose from, there is sure to be a RAM truck that is perfect for you.

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