What Should You Consider While Buying New Car Tyres?

Purchasing a new set of car tyres could become a task if you are unaware of what to buy and when.

However, before purchasing there many factors that you will need to consider so that you land up making the right decision. You would need to keep in mind your style of driving, specifications suggested by the car’s manufacturer, place of residence, and budget. The car tyres you buy should have the ideal ratio of height to width as mentioned by the manufacturer.

The existing weather condition in your area, especially the winter season also has a role to play in your decision:

  • Two tyre sets (winter and summer tyres) could be good enough if you drive your car a lot and frequently have to face the road condition in winters. If you possess two sets, your tyres would forever fall in the ‘being adaptive’ category. Tyres also tend to wear out less in such cases.
  • All-season tyres are a good choice if the distance travelled by you is shorter and the weather conditions are moderate. This also helps save you a significant amount of money.

The handling and performance of your car depend on the tyres cause tyres are the primary contact point of the car with the road.

Checklist before purchasing new car tyres

  • Check the documentation of the car to employ compatible types of tyres.
  • The size of the car’s tyre is indicated by the diameter, width, and height-to-width aspect ratio.
  • The load index of the car indicates the amount of load you’re your car can support.
  • The speed rating of the tyres indicates the maximum speed it could handle.
  • Install the same make and model of car tyres Colindale on all four positions of the wheel.

The width of the tyre is a number with 3 digits measured in millimetres from one end of the sidewall to the other end. The aspect ratio of the tyre is 2 or sometimes 3 digit percentage of the tyre’s height in comparison to its width. The diameter of the tyre is measured in inches and it should match the size of the wheel on our car. The tyres also differ in their construction, which is mentioned by the R letter. Cross-ply tyres were commonly used till the 1970s which comprised of a casing built from cord plies that were rubberised and placed over the beading wire. However, in today’s modern cars, cross-ply tyres have been replaced by radial tyres.

The car tyres should be able to support the car’s load known as the load index. This index needs to be referred to find out the weight, which is multiplied by the tyre quantity to support the overall load. Indicated by a letter on the tyre’s sidewall, the speed rating is known to be the highest speed that the tyre can handle. The higher the speed in the tyres, the faster the tyre’s tread would wear out. Maintaining the pressure of the car tyres is also important to ensure improved performance and handling of the vehicle.

The ideal tyres for your car

The condition for driving your car varies throughout the year. Hence, you should purchase tyres which are the closest to the place where you live. You could alternate between all-season care tyres, winter tyres, or summer tyres.

The pattern of the tread in winter car tyres is made to ensure proper functioning on slush and snow roads. These tyres can tolerate low temperatures and improve the handling as well as reduce the distance of braking.

The pattern on the summer car tyres, however, ensures great grip, braking distance that is short on dry surfaces, and good handling on wet surfaces.


All these tyres by manufactured by numerous manufacturers making it a difficult choice for you to make. Hence, it is best to consult Goodyear tyres Colindale expert to assist you with your selection.

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