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The Best 3 CRM for Real Estate Agents to Boost their Productivity and Sales

The Best 3 CRM

When the property dealing business is booming, you have new customers coming your way to deal in. You are also registering tremendous sales for your company. To track all these activities of your client in your real estate business is important to follow them.

If you’re aggressive to take your business to the next level, hire a real estate app Developer for Developing CRM.

CRM is a life-changing tool. Do you know what CRM is? A CRM (customer relationship management) system helps you as an online database to manage your contacts and save valuable time on manual data entry. This software works as your single medium of client report, allowing you to build the relationship and decide.

The Best 3 CRM For the Real Estate Agent


This is the best CRM software available in the market suitable for a single agent, small brokerage firm, or a large company. This software offers that you require managing your valuable customers.

It segments contact and automates personalized messages and allows you to customize your communications with the customer based on the rapport.

It offers two kinds of plans: professional and accelerator. You can manage the software on your smartphone and integration is possible with MailChimp and Zapier, the email marketing provider.


PipeDrive is software with amazing features and good enough for real estate agents. They have developed this software to fulfill the CRM experience for the users. It helps you to manage leads from the database of millions of people.

The Chabot of this software makes accessing features easy for real estate agents. It provides suggestions and connects the user to a broker based on their query.

The tool makes sales visual by creating customized pipelines that help to see where all of your deals are in the sales process. It possesses some notable features like Google calendar syncing, task automation, and reminder options.

The software is worth buying because it also includes features like a visual sales pipeline allowing updating mobile number data, creating new deals, and making a sale from one intuitive. The interface is simple to use. It also offers a mobile application and integrates with third-party systems.

The starting price for this software is $14. It is an affordable price for any new budding real estate business owner.


This is the widely used top-class CRM software among real estate agents. Zoho CRM allows agents to connect with clients; it does not matter where they are because of integrating live chat software, email, social media. You can set-up real-time notification with them that helps in various ways in your real estate business.

The real-time insights ensure up-to-date data at your fingertips, no matter your location. Another suitable feature that your business needs are automating workplace monitoring, managing contacts, and managing deals step by step.

You can also build a sales processing sheet for your real estate agents. This will help that prospective home purchaser get a continuous experience regardless of the team member they work with.

  • Pricing: Starts with $13 per user per month (standard)
  • $21 per user per month (professional)
  • $40 per user per month (enterprise)

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