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Planning First Time Home Buyers Need

It is never easy for first-time homebuyers (The Medallion Mohali) to plan their purchase and that is why in this segment we will be covering the following tips that will help you in the long run. Let’s take an overview:

  • Choosing the size of the home after having a look at your budget, the number of family members, and more relatable stuff.
  • Which floor would be an ideal choice since the price varies accordingly.
  • Decide the type of home would be suitable- apartment, Medallion flat Mohali or independent one.
  • Choosing the location based on requirements
  • Only moving forward with a reputed builder
  • Looking for a home loan for fulfilling the lifetime dream

Coming to your dream of planning the first home ever we tell you that for a large population the dream remains unaccomplished, hence, you should feel lucky if you are capable of doing so. But translating this dream into reality might take more than you think and apart from the financial stability, you have to apply good decisions and diligence. You should remain extra cautious and get an in-depth understanding of all the steps involved. 

The hunt for the perfect home would demand your sheer commitment, time, and effort. You have to carefully look at all your options, how you are dealing with them, and what will be the outcomes it would have with your current lifestyle considering the budget you are playing along with. Since most individuals only get a single opportunity in their lifetime to purchase a house hence all the measures must be taken rightly. Given the complexity included in house purchase, let’s take a look at the tips you should keep your eyes on:

1. What Size Would Just Be Perfect?

Answering this question would require you to clear out several factors in the process while finalizing the right size of the home. The first thing would be your budget, the number of family members presents all the time under one roof, are you expecting a new member or guest shortly, will you be dedicating a room for office purpose or place for kids playtime, and more. The questions are numerous and you have to assess your situation, ask yourself such a question, and by the time you come with the answers, you would be able to decide the ideal size of your house.

2. The Apartment Floor

Different builders might ask for different prices based on the floor you are selecting hence make sure whether this is a deciding factor for you or not. The other thing to look at would be the budget you have and whether you will be extending it, or looking to save some with what you have. Choosing a corner flat would require premium spend so keep such things in mind.

Buying Home

3. Type Of House

In today’s date, there is nothing wrong with selection since looking at the budget and requirement you can either go with a studio apartment or even move forward with the Medallion Mohali. Everything is good as long as you are sorted with the things you want and how the apartment suits them there.

4. Taking A Look At The Amenities 

Modern housing has changed the way the homes are functioning these days and there are a lot of amenities attached that make living more exciting. This includes gyms, clubhouses, swimming pools, spas, and much more. However, the cost of all these amenities is included in the final price and hence decide on the ones you need.

5. The Location Is Important

Choosing the location is important and it includes looking at the schedule of you and your family member and how good the location would serve that purpose. People would need medical emergencies, quick access to public transport such as bus station, train or metro station. A lot to assess in this area and with that point of view you can carefully select the purchase you want to make.

6. Checking The Reputation Of The Builder

A key thing to take some time out is checking the reputation and brand value of the builder you are in contact with. This will tell you whether the builder would just be the right selection and get your work done under the period you have thought under.

7. Gathering The Home Funding

House purchase is not a small thing and certainly not in the terms of investment going in. Since a huge fund is needed you have to clear all the obstruction and know the sources of your funding and whether you would need to apply for the home loan or not. Moving along with the home loan won’t only fund your lifetime dream but will also allow you the tax benefits on all the interest payments and principal repayments.

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