Extinction of the Northern White Rhinoceros

Northern White Rhinoceros

The extinction of the black rhinoceros in West Africa, which was once widespread throughout the African continent, illuminates the rapid decline of the entire species. The Javan rhinoceros was declared extinct in Vietnam less than a month ago, and although a very small group still lives in Indonesia (very small, like the top 50), there is no species captivity and there is little hope that the Javan rhinoceros will survive much longer. 

Meanwhile, another species of African rhino

The Northern White Rhino, is on the verge of extinction, with 40 in the Kenyan reserve and 300 in captivity (at least two of which are unable to reproduce).

This rhino species is declining in different environments spread across two different continents but for the same reason: only 1 subspecies out of the remaining five species hunted is not endangered. 

The number of Southern White Rhinos is close to 1,17,000, but it classifies it as “close to a threat.” Due to incredible cooperation with the South African government 40 years ago, the South White Rhinoceros was legally protected, turned into a guardian of predators, and captive breeding was successful.

This certainly makes me wonder why other species of rhinoceros cannot be preserved like the southern whites, and the north, I think, exists somewhere between geography and politics. The northern white part was unfortunate enough to live in most of the Congo, which has been plagued by decades of extreme civil war with so few people, so few animals prospering.

Extinction of the Northern White Rhinoceros
Extinction of the Northern White Rhinoceros
 Asian rhinos (Javanese, Sumatra, larger one-horned)

Have the habitat they need to survive. Rhinoceros horns have medicinal properties of wild superstition that cure everything from common colds to cancer. But when rhino horns bring in a few thousand dollars per pound on the black market (in some areas it costs more than gold). Why on earth would hunters stop hunting?

Which leads us to extinction. Sooner or later these animals will become extinct. The Northern White Rhinoceros has the potential to survive for existing protection laws. But the North White, Black, and Asian species are all in ruins. What will hunters do for money when their resources are gone forever? What will the Chinese do without their magical rhino horn? Do we realize one day that rhino horn does nothing but chew your nails? Will this realization come too late?

It’s frustrating to think about all this

In fact, right at the end of the weekend, I was at the grocery store and really wanted some popcorn. But every brand of microwave popcorn uses palm oil, a major contributor to deforestation. Habitat destruction that plagues two Asian species of rhinoceros.

 Here I am feeling the need for free and really helpless right now. I hope something has changed and I really want to be a part of that change. Unfortunately, my training wasn’t like biology or animal husbandry when I was a kid, so for now. I have to use my skills to spread this skill. Kids don’t buy date oil. Save support with your money if not directly with your purchase preferences. Even if it’s a small one, make a difference.

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My name is Mahasin Reja, Village: Birkaya, Bagmara, Rajshahi

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