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Best Things To Do in Kenya Tour packages

Super cool and thrilling things to do in Kenya

From vast faunal diversity to the extensive variety of cultures and from old cities to modern lifestyle Kenya has it all. Whether you’re looking for the ultimate safari experience, hiking adventures, or just want to relax on white-sand beaches Kenya has a plethora of things to do to cater on a plate. Experience all the variety of things to do with Kenya Tour Packages and make your holiday a memorable one. Read on to know more about different things to do in Kenya.

Witness the great migration in Masai Mara

The great migration is one of the most preferred experiences by travelers as it is the ultimate adventure on Kenya tour packages. One can witness great migration between July to October. On a safari, you will witness a host of animals, from lions, herds of elephants, giraffes, Nile crocodiles to cheetahs and leopards. The constant battle between life and death makes this wildebeest migration a must-visit for all kinds of travelers. Migration in Masai Mara is one of the greatest natural spectacles for all those who wish to have a little more from their African experience.

Try Scuba diving and Snorkel in the Indian Ocean 

The Kenyan coast offers almost endless scuba diving options for a memorable diving experience. The calm turquoise water of Kenyan beaches is home to myriad aquatic life. The weather is warm and sunny round the year and its excellent balmy water temperature makes it ideal for Scuba diving. Here are some of the best Scuba diving and snorkel sites in Kenya:

– Watamu Marine National park

– Mombasa Marine National park and reserve

– Malindi Marine Park

So, I can say that the Indian Ocean is without a doubt an extraordinary arrangement for both scuba diving and snorkel with an incredible assortment of brilliant coral reefs and it is all year destination for all the water sports activities

Explore Nairobi National Park 

Nairobi National park is the World’s only wildlife capital is situated in the city’s southern suburbs has plentiful wildlife. The national park is home to black rhinos, giraffes, wild beasts, and much more. While Jeep safari at Nairobi national park one can witness beautiful sunrise and sunset. It is also a perfect place to travel for family, photographers, couples, and all kinds of travelers.

Go boating at Lake Naivasha 

Boat safari’s at Lake Naivasha is one of the most beautiful attractions in Kenya tour packages. Lake Naivasha is a spot that mirrors the natural significance of the wetlands around the lake. More than 450 birdlife species have been perceived and are topped off with transitory birds from the long stretch of October to March. This lake is the fundamental drinking water spot for all the animals. Simply walk around this wonderful lake and appreciate the sunset on the off chance that you are cruising in the evening.

Make friends with Giraffes at Giraffe Manor

Giraffe Manor being an iconic building in Nairobi attracts lots of travelers from all corners of the world. Being an exclusive boutique hotel is one of the best Instagrammable places in Kenya. Its rich and beautiful interiors, verdant green nurseries, sunny terraces make it a once in lifetime sort of spot. Perhaps the most interesting thing about Giraffe Manor is its inhabitant crowd of Rothschild’s giraffes who may visit morning and evening, sticking their long necks into the windows in the desire for a treat.

Shop till you drop at Masai market

Masai market is a one-stop solution for all the shopaholics as it is extremely lively and overwhelming for locals and visitors alike. And did you know? Kenyans are entrepreneurial artisans and they promise you the best price and best quality products. Here at Masai market you can learn about the culture of Kenya, meet locals, show your bargaining skills, and have fun while shopping. Here is the list of all those things that you can but Masai market:

– Masai Sandals

– Jewelry

– Interesting artworks and carvings

– Handbags and much more

So, keep shopping, grab the best deal, and make the best out of it.


Hence to keep it short all I can say is from beautiful landscapes, incredible wildlife to the tropical Indian Ocean Kenya has it all. So this 2021 explore Kenya tour packages with your friends and family and make your holiday a memorable one.

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