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Home Improvement

Wall hung toilets

Wall hung toilets – A modern touch to contemporary homes

The use of wall mounted toilets is an increasingly popular trend for the renovation of bathrooms. The new high-tech version mounts directly on the wall, rather than the traditional wax ring on the floor version. This makes it easy to sweep and mop the ground under the toilet. There are all kinds of beautiful styles. The key is to choose the style that is right for your home. When you choose a toilet wall, you must be aware of any weight-bearing problems. If your household contains plenty of larger posters, this type of toilet may not be your best option. If there are however plenty of company and fit fanatics in your home, in your bathroom renovation job you may just try wall hung toilets.

List of advantages

You will have many advantages by installing a toilet hung on the wall of your bathroom. The good style of the toilets hanging from the wall today will make your bathroom look much better.

  • There are many advantages of having a wall-mounted toilet and installing it. The first is no voluminous, ugly tank of water. The removal of the tank adds to your bathroom’s available space. It eliminates what might have been a tight squeeze to go past a conventional toilet. The additional space gives a smaller bathroom and in larger bathrooms is equally impressive.
  • Another benefit is the height of the toilet that is hanging from the wall. Because it is mounted and attached to the water supply, you can determine the exact height of the unit. Larger and larger people can finally feel comfortable and shorter people can feel comfortable. Something that you probably never thought about, but now you can always feel uncomfortable.
  • With a wall mounted toilet, cleaning is a big advantage. Since they mount on the wall and not on a floor-mounted base, they can easily clean under with a single mop and thus avoid the need for a cleaning of your hands and knees like the traditional way now.
  • Finally, water-saving is a cost-saving feature with toilets mounted on walls. The tank no more fills a direct water supply. Underused water means less water consumption, and this is a great plus, especially during the summer months, when there are often water constraints and costs.
  • Stylish good appearances added space for bathrooms, easy cleaning and water savings make a clever and stylish decision with wall hung toilets.

wall hung toilets.Reasons of selection

A wall toilet might be the best choice for several other reasons. Some buildings and smaller bathrooms may not be viable, like a conventional toilet, by unloading a toilet across the floor. This might be the case for a few reasons. If it is hard-hardened and difficult to break through the substrate in the bathroom, a toilet that must ventilate across the back can be needed. Basically, that means the waste must go back into the wall rather than into the toilet on a floor pipe. A hanging wall toilet can add a little style even to modern bathrooms.



Spillage can be an issue

You should immediately have it fixed to avoid further problems if you try to flush your toilet and see that the water leaks into the wall. This is the second most common issue in the use of hung toilets on the wall. This occurs when there is no correct connection between plumbing and the toilet. This type of problem should be resolved quickly as it may lead to further damage to water on your wall, resulting in further damage to your bathroom that can lead to costly repairs. Turn off the water supplies into your toilet and take the toilet off your wall as soon as you notice the leakage.

Wall hung toilets at the Royal Bathroom

Sometimes it feels quite good when you sit on it after the wall mount toilet is installed. It may be rocking or loosely rocking from the wall. This is a common problem with an easy and straightforward solution. A loosely mounted wall hung toilets on your wall will cause other problems, so it is important that you fix it as soon as possible. This can mend by removing it and restoring it from your wall. You can do this yourself if you have sufficient DIY capabilities, however, make sure that you have an assistant who will help you install the toilet snugly to the wall. Enjoy buying online!


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