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UGC NET Result 2023 & E- Certificate

UGC NET Result 2023


This UGC NET examination is considered to be an prestigious test for

those who would like to conduct research or advance in their teaching career.

The selection in the final score of UGC NET is one of the most exciting

occasions for those who are preparing for the test.

I speak from personal experience since I experienced the same excitement when

I found out the details of the results of my UGC NET results and received certificates in recognition of it.

for both paper in Commerce and Management, I was thrilled to learn about the results since

I was able to pass the threshold to pass JRF and was in a position to download the UGC NET e-certificate online.

In the case of the UGC NET JRF certificate I received them a few years after my results had been released.

However, this isn’t the situation anymore. From the year 2020, the NTA (National Testing Agency) is now able the process of distributing JRF certificates,

also known as award letters, to candidates who have passed the UGC NET, through an online portal.

It could be considered that the process of issuing UGC NET JRF certification online is an important move,

especially when it comes to applying for jobs faster and also reducing time.

However, as you may have realized already In this post, I will be discussing in detail everything that is related to the exam results and the answer key for exam NTA UGC NET exams

So, with no additional delay, let’s begin.

UGC Net December Result 2023 

The exam for UGC NET is held twice in a year, which is usually in the month of June and December. The UGC NET announces the result within a month after the completion of the exam cycle. 

The UGC NET notification for December 2023 was declared on 30th September 2023

Talking about the exam dates for UGC NET December 2023 cycle, the exam was conducted between 06th December to 14th December 2023.  

The UGC NET June admit card was released on 04th December 2023

After the successful commencement of the exams, the results for UGC NET June 2023 (Phase 1 and 2) had been announced.

UGC NET Result – Steps to Check

To view the NTA NET results, follow these steps to check your result:

Step 1: Go to https://ugcnet.nta.nic.in/.

Step 2. Hit the link that will result in order to get UGC NET.

Step 3. This page will allow you to type in the Application Number along with your Date of Birth and the Security Code. Click on Submit button.

step 4: Step 4: Your UGC NET result will appear in the display. Print it and download it.

Since the final results have been released, the next step is UGC will announce its cut-off points. 

These marks will be released of UGC NET 2022 are expected to be announced in the coming days. 

To help you get a better idea on cut-off marks, I’ve included the cut off marks for the previous year. 

Find to see the UGC Cut Off for the year 2022 here. UGC NET Cut off here.

Details Mentioned on the UGC NET Scorecard/Result

I’ve provided below an overview of the different information you’ll see written in the back of your UGC NET result/scorecard:

  • Roll number
  • Candidates that have been registered for the particular topic
  • Application number
  • A large number of candidates have were present for the topic
  • Name
  • Posts requested to (JRF or Assistant Professor ) or assistant professor only)
  • Name of father
  • Paper-wise and marks totals obtained
  • Mother’s name
  • Paper-wise, and the percentage of total obtained
  • Categorization (if appropriate)
  • Paper-wise and the total percentile score calculated
  • Subject code and the subject’s name
  • Status of exam qualifying

In the picture I’ve given below, you will get a sense of all the information that are on the UGC NET scorecard:

UGC NET E-Certificate & JRF Award Letter

Recent update This is the UGC NET E- certificate and JRF Award Letter for the June exam cycle 2023 was published on September 5, 2023 via the UGC official site.

As I’ve mentioned previously If, as per the UGC NET result, you have the ability to pass the test in the first place, then NTA releases the next piece of evidence under your own name.

I.e. your UGC NET e-certificate or the JRF letter.

In order for to receive the UGC NET E-certificate You must be eligible for the position of assistant professor on the UGC NET examination.

If, however, you meet the requirements for the position in the JRF then you’re eligible to be sent an JRF note.

These certificates are similar to badges of recognition, which are required to be used in jobs, including research posts and also for teaching positions.

The National Testing Agency (NTA) announces its UGC NET E-Certificate on its official website.

Let’s look at how to download the UGC NET certificate in a sequential method.

UGC NET E-Certificate/JRF letter Validity?

In terms of the validity of certificates that are awarded to those who have achieved the status of a qualified (or qualifying score or grade) on their UGC net result, they come in two kinds.

The two kinds of certificates we commonly use to refer to”the UGC NET e-certificate and the JRF letter are officially referred to as:

  • Certificate of Lectureship (LS)
  • Certificate of Junior Research Fellowship (JRF)

However, they both are valid in different ways.

This Certificate for Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) is valid for a period of three years after the the announcement of your award.

However, the certificate of lectureship does not have a deadline. You are able to make an application to a lectureship at any time following the completion of the UGC NET test.

Notice: NTA fixes two qualifying scores/grades, which are also known as cutoff marks for the NET (Certificate of Lectureship) and JRF (Certificate of Junior Research Fellowship). It is now based on the marks obtained by the candidate if they will receive any certificates or not.

UGC NET Answer Key & Marked Responses

Before the UGC NET results are announced, the NTA usually comes out with UGC NET provisional answer keys, marked responses, and question papers.

Well, after the UGC NET exams are over, a provisional answer key is released.

Another reason is to allow the candidates to figure out their own marks by matching the answers they had written in the exam, listed in their marked responses, to the provisional answer key.

UGC NET Answer Key

Latest Update: The final answer key for UGC NET June 2023 has been announced on 25th June 2023. The link to download the UGC NET final answer key PDF is provided here.  

Every year after the culmination of the UGC NET exam, UGC releases a provisional and a final answer key known as UGC NET Answer Key.

The UGC NET December 2022 final answer key has been released along with the announcement of the final result on 13th April 2023. To check the official answer key, you can download the UGC NET December 2022 answer key pdf 

The given table will showcase the information related to the Answer key (Provisional and Final).

Now, that you know about UGC NET final answer key 2023, it’s time to proceed to the next section.

How to challenge the UGC NET Answer Key:

1 Step. Visit the official website of the NTA. Step 1: Visit the official website of the NTA.

2 Step. Then select the option for ‘Challenge(s) concerning the Answer Key’

3 Step: After that log in using your credentials such as Application Number as well as Date of Birth. Enter your Security Pin as shown on the screen. Then, click on the ‘Submit’.

4 Step : Choose the option’View Question Paper to mark responses and to test or challenge the answer keys, simply click on the link “Click to view or challenge Answer Key’.

5 Step: If you want to challenge an option, you can make use of any one or more Option IDs listed in the subsequent columns by checking the box.

6 Step: Once you have selected your preferred option then click ‘Save your Claims’ to proceed to the next screen. There will be a list of all Option IDs you’ve challenged shown in the display.

7 Step : Choose the option to choose a file and upload the documents needed. Make sure to save all documents into a single pdf file.

8 Step : Then click ‘Save Your Claims and Pay Fee If you want to change your claims, choose the option’Modify Your Claims’. After saving the claims you’ll see your Challenges shown on screen.

9 Step : Next, to pay the fee Click on the button of Pay Fee.

10 Step : Select the payment method and pay the amount of Rs.200per question asked. Pay with a debit/credit card or Net Banking/UPI.


The end of this long but hopefully informative post on the subject of UGC NET results. In this blog, I’ve talked about everything connected to the UGC NET results, from the date of publication for the UGC NET 2023, to the UGC NET answer keys, as well as UGC NET’s UGC NET e-certificates and JRF letters. In conclusion, I wish you all the best luck in the coming UGC NET exam. Keep it up to date and God bless!

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