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Minecraft game has become popular in school & other projects of Microsoft

A project to develop artificial intelligence with “Minecraft”

Microsoft is trying to teach artificial intelligence (AI) how to make its own decisions using the game Minecraft. Launched a project to publish as an open-source testbed.

In the sandbox world of the popular game Minecraft, you can make almost anything. But soon it will be used to create spatial objects and to “nurture” artificial intelligence ( AI ) systems. At least that’s Microsoft’s plan.

Microsoft has recently launched a project to publish it as an open-source tested. It also teaches how to make decisions on its own using Minecraft. It is, a game developed by Sweden’s Mojang, was acquired by Microsoft in September 2014.

In a New York-based Microsoft Institute research project (PDF), a small team of computer scientists is now trying to teach virtual players how to explore the block world of Minecraft.

Microsoft Research Cambridge

Minecraft is a game that throws players into a randomly generated world, leaves them behind without giving any instructions, intuitively understands the surrounding environment, and starts making things. In this study, AI agents start the game without any knowledge or set goals. Through trial and error, such as “stepping into a dangerous environment,” the agent begins striving to achieve its goals. Placing AI in such a scenario and making it understand the situation theoretically is thought to affect the development of AI on the same principle as the development of human intelligence.

“AI usually programs to accomplish certain tasks, but in contrast, we aim to program AI to learn,” said Fernando Diaz, senior in the project. The researcher says. “It is a digital playpen for AI. In that environment, we can develop algorithms to teach young AI how to learn different concepts of the world.”

During this time of testing, Microsoft Research Cambridge of Katja Hoffman was launched by researchers. ”  Project AIX has been carried out as part of the”. Dissatisfied with the simplicity of the games used in AI development, the researcher sought an environment more suitable for adaptive learning.

Minecraft is a very open world, so it’s a great platform for this kind of research,” says Hoffman.

AIX consists of a Java version of Minecraft MOD (modification data) and code that helps AI agents sense and acts in the environment and process feedback from their activities to enhance their experience.

For example, in the case of ongoing research. The purpose of AI agents is to reach “the highest place in the world.”

AI begins to understand its role and progress through gradually increasing rewards, excluding “data unrelated to purpose” such as day and night cycles, and further evolves in that direction.

Microsoft plans to make the Minecraft world an environment where anyone can experiment with AI. Currently, AIX is available only to researchers, but this summer we plan to expand the reach of users to make it accessible to everyone.

Minecraft will change school education

” Minecraft ” is coming to the classroom-it’s also officially introduced into the classroom, rather than playing with a forbidden smartphone for bored children. Microsoft has announced that it will launch an “educational version” of the open-world game later this year.

Minecraft already has more than 100 million players worldwide but will be reopened with the acquisition of Microsoft’s Minecraft Edu.

Minecraft is currently in use in 40 countries around the world. But the new Minecraft: Education Edition will be available as a free trial later this year.

To make the game available to as many teachers as possible. Microsoft has invested heavily in Minecraft developer Mojang to create a community space for teachers in 2014. The platform, education.minecraft.net, is already available and you will be able to share lesson plans and more in the future.

“Minecraft is changing the way we learn and learn around the world,” says Mojang COO Vu Buoy. “There will be an open space where people will gather and organize lessons.”

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