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Google Drive Login: How to Create Google Drive Account?

GDrive is based on Google Drive. In today’s article I will share Google drive login, google drive Create account and how to use google drive storage? Here you will find the answers to all the questions by yourself. There will be more discussion about Google Drive than you need. Google Drive is being used more and more nowadays. The reason is that Google Drive is very safe. Where you can keep your personal documents and secrets.

Gdrive Means Google Drive is a well known name. Which is used in some of our cases. We all use it more or less. To keep your own safe. We first upload any of our personal documents to Google Drive. For this you may not know much about Google Drive. Here you can learn how to create an account on GDrive or Google Drive. How to login to Google Drive. How to use Google Drive.

So let’s start below and show you all the processes one by one. Which you have been looking for for a long time. But here I am going to show with screenshot how you login, how you create account. I will show all these things very nicely. Then you notice the bottom.

Below are:

GDrive or Google Drive

GDrive is the short name for Google Drive. Many of us simply call Google Drive GDrive. So we understand that Google Drive is being talked about here. Which you may not know. Then he found out now. Not so.

How to Create Google Drive Account?

To create your Google Drive account, you first need to create a Google Account. If you can’t create an account, you can login by clicking here. –
Then you follow below.

1. First you click on
If you have a Gmail account, you need to log in here with a Gmail account. So first you have to enter

2. Enter the Gmail address and password then Singin.
Enter the email and password for your Gmail account. Then you will see “SingIn” button at the bottom, you click there. And if you don’t have an account, or haven’t created a Gmail ID yet. Click here to see how you can easily create a Gmail account.

3. Now open the Google Drive homepage.
Now after you sign in, you will be taken to the homepage option of Google Drive. You will see that your home page will come.

You can now upload whatever you want here. In your Google Drive.

Google Drive Login

How to login to Google Drive is a very simple process. If you already have a Gmail account, this is easy for you. You just log in to Then enter the email of your Gmail account. Now you open the box below and enter the password. Then sign. Your Google Drive Login job will be done.

Now if you haven’t already created a Gmail account, I suggest you create a Gmail account. Then you can enter by following the simple process above.

Google Drive Signin

I have already mentioned what is required for signing Google Drive. All you need is a Gmail account email and a password. Which you can easily use to sign in to Google Drive.


Google Drive Storage

How much storage do you get in Google Drive? You may have questions about this. You get only 16GB of Google Drive storage on a Gmail account. Which you can use. Here you can save as 16 GB memory. You can upload all the documents you have here.

Suppose you have 5 email accounts with Gmail. Guess you get 16 * 5 = GB. How much memory did you get? You can easily upload your documents here. Here’s a little about your Google Drive storage.


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