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Give a brief description of appendicitis and how to treat it?

These days, when women reach their pregnancy stage or try to conceive a pregnancy, apart from fertility, several other factors underestimate them and interrupt their pregnancy. One of these problems is an appendix infection. It is a thin tube in the lower part of your abdomen and attached to the large intestine. Sometimes appendicitis (inflammation) may arise in your appendix and lead to unbearable pain. This pain sometimes is like; you may die with it. It will not be correct until you reach the appendix treatment in Punjab.

What role does appendicitis play in pregnant ladies?

An appendix is a finger-shaped pouch that comes from the colon on the bottom right side of the stomach, and appendicitis is an appendix infection that may arise at any time. It will happen to people of any age indulging with pregnant women. It can create more risk for pregnant women and lead to severe complications. Its diagnostic difficulties raise the perforation rates in pregnant ladies and may harm the fetus and mother’s health. Therefore, if you determine any minor or severe pain in the lower part of your abdomen, then immediately reach out to the best gynae doctor in Punjab so that they will control any painful condition within the time.

Moreover, there are more chances that pregnant women may face appendicitis in between the first six months of their pregnancy. It can rupture the appendix inside your abdomen and cause the problem of peritonitis (abdomen cavity). As a result, you may lead to life-threatening situations and compel for the preterm delivery in which you may lose your fetal. While going through this condition, you must treat yourself at the best IVF center in Punjab to save your and your child’s life. Even though individuals of any age can face the appendix issue, masses between ten to thirty years of age have more risk of it. You may correct it with oral medications, but sometimes, only the surgery is the standard treatment to remove this appendix from your underbelly.

The primary source of appendicitis: Sometimes, your appendix may block the lining tissues of it, resulting in severe infection or inflammation (appendicitis). Present bacteria may spread this infection that causes swelling and pus in the appendix, and you may face unbearable pain, or it may break. Therefore, people must visit the doctor when something happens like this.

How do you recognize the signs of appendicitis?

With the enhancing age factor, masses may feel appendicitis pain in different sites per person. Pregnant ladies can feel this pain in their full stomach due to the rising size of their appendix. Following are the active signs of the appendix infection:

  • Your right side lower belly fills with severe pain.

  • Instant pain around your navel and transfers to the right breath abdomen.

  • Worsens pain arise when you cough, walk or perform other jarring movements

  • Loss of appetite, vomiting, and nausea.

  • Low-grade fever may worsen as the illness progresses.

  • Constipation or diarrhea.

  • Flatulence, abdominal bloating.

If something similar happens with you, you can come to the Gomti Thapar Hospital to treat all your appendix and other stomach infections during the pregnancy.

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