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Getting Your Animation Movie Dubbed? Do Not Miss These Key Points

Animation movies are one segment that did not get affected by the 2020 lockdown at all. The reason being animation moviemakers are skilled and resourced to work away from the shooting sites. Lockdown increased the demand and viewership of short animated movies. Thus, there is an increasing demand for quality dubbing.

Dubbing is the process of re-voicing the character. If we look into its history, Walt Disney himself gave voice to the cartoon character of Mickey Mouse in his first dubbed movie that attracted other artists to work in this direction. After that, this industry never saw a turn back.

In most cases, dubbing voice over is in demand for animated cartoon movies. It becomes the only logical option as subtitling is not the option for kids.

There is no doubt that lockdown has increased the viewership and demand for animated movies, a sudden halt in economic activities has led to confusion. New entrants are continuously looking for information on the dubbing part of their animated movies.

We hope that this blog would provide you with some insights into your animation movie’s dubbing segment. Let us look into the key points to consider in dubbing animated movies.

Re-writing the Script for Dubbing is a Matter of Expertise

Generally, dubbing is done for more than one language. So, it requires re-writing the whole movie script, and re-writing in a different language is a matter of expertise. Animated movie is divided into time slots where script re-writing involves selecting the perfect word combination to fit the new dialogues in the original time frame.

The scriptwriter should be creative. He should rehearse each plot to ensure that his script adheres to the assigned time slot.

Selecting the Dubbing Actor

Once the script is ready, the subsequent step is finding the best dubbing actor for the movie. Getting into the character is the most essentially required skill to be tested while selecting a voice actor for dubbing. Animated movies are not real pictures and become alive only with the voice skills of the actor. It becomes more critical in dubbing as a voice actor has to re-alive the animated plot designed for a different language. He has to use all his skills to arrange the dubbed script in the original frame. It requires expert skills, so the dubbing part goes unnoticed.

There are voice actors who have special skills only for dubbing voice overs. To ensure the quality of dubbing, always strive to find out the best dubbing artist. Hire a professional voice over agency that maintains a portfolio of skilled dubbing artists who can make your entire dubbing process an ice walk.

Recording the Work

Recording the dubbing work is an art where the voice actors can apply their creativity and decide how to record the voice. Generally, there are two ways to record dubbing scripts. The standard way is to read out the script after beeps and play the movie in front of the voice artist. It helps the artist to match his speaking speed and pattern with the original video. This method leaves the accuracy of voice over on the skills and judgment of the dubbing artist.

Another method called rhythm band is a more professional approach. It is not used much as it increases the technical scope of work. It involves creating subtitles on the video from the dubbed script. Dubbing artists perform the script like Karaoke activity. It is a more systematic approach and ensures better dubbing results as the time management is done before the final recording.

Creating Music and Effects Track

Here studio dismantles the original soundtrack from the video and extracts the dialogues part from it. Studio team fixes the dubbed dialogues in the right place on the original music track. It is not that simple step as it appears from the words. Always attempt to hire a professional video technician/video editor for this task.

If you are looking for professional dubbing services for your animation movies, you can logon to voyzapp.com We have an extended panel of portfolios of dubbing voice actors and video editors. At Voyzapp – India’s largest voice over marketplace, you can simply search for your preferred dubbing voice actor from among thousands of professional voice over artists, and hire the one that fits your project.

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