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Fun-Loving Travelers Guide To Paris

Fun-Loving Travelers Guide To Paris: Oh, Dear! So you are planning to visit Paris? Well, it is an excellent idea. The home of beautiful historic architecture, grand avenues, high-end fancy style, quaint patisseries, the gorgeous view of River Seine, and many other places makes Paris the prime destination to explore. The City of Love – Paris offers you the most memorable moments of your life. Whether you plan to explore Paris solo or with your family, or with your squad, you will indeed return with a bag of memories that last long. 

Even with the plethora of places to explore in Paris, you need some help from a travel guide that can assist you to the best things you can do in Paris, from where to start your exploration, best food to eat, about the mouth-watering drinks, where to stay and the best time to visit Paris. 

Don’t worry! This post will indeed offer you the Fun-Loving Traveler’s Guide to explore the magical beauty of Paris in the best possible way. Before starting, if you want to make your flight reservation to Paris, Qatar airways Booking will offer you the best deals and discounts to help you explore Paris without thinking about your spending. 

What are the best things you can do in Paris?

There are lots of different and exciting things one can do in Paris. Whether you are an explorer, traveler, fashion lover, foodie, Paris has something for everyone. No one can get bored while exploring the magical destinations of Paris. You can explore museums, shopping centers, historical places, operas and many other attractive sightseeing that can make anyone’s visit to Paris more amazing. The city of light offers top-notch traveler attractions that can make their journey to Paris unforgettable. 

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What are the best places to explore in Paris?

There are several destinations and places that you can visit while exploring Paris. Beautiful historic architectures to unique galleries to museums to massive malls, many places in Paris can entertain you during your exploration. Here are some of the areas that you should add to your must-visit list of Paris:

  • Montmartre

It is the place where one can witness the craftsmanship of famous artists like Claude Monet, Pablo Picasso, Amedeo Modigliani, and several others. Montmartre is a hillock in North Paris, famous for its clamoring Square of Tertre and white-domed Basilica. You can explore this place without spending much money with your family and friends.

  • Eiffel Tower

The world-famous Eiffel Towers is the prime attraction for travelers all over the globe. Millions and Millions of tourists visit Paris to witness the majestic iron tower. The legendary Eiffel Tower offers a 360-degree panoramic view of Paris from the top deck. You only need to spend seven euros to buy a ticket to the top of the Eiffel Tower. 

  • Notre Dame Cathedral

Even if you are a religious person or not, you can’t stop yourself from witnessing the beauty of Notre Dame Cathedral. You can witness the beautiful craftsmanship, which includes splendid models, Gothic-style designs, and deformity figures. You can also see the beautiful art on the ceiling or doom of this Cathedral. One can visit here between 8 AM to 6:45 PM.

What are the best delicacies of Paris?

Paris has several different kinds of delicacies for you. If you are a foodie, then Paris will seem heaven for you. Epicure is one the famous place where you should visit. From local food restaurants to extravagant high-end restaurants, you can enjoy your tasty and favorite meal with your family and friends in Paris. 

Mouth-watering drinks for you!

Paris is rich with several different types of drinks that can make your day and night amazing. Many bars are waiting for you to enter and have your favorite drink to toast for any special occasion. 

Where to stay in Paris?

There are many lavish hotels available in Paris. You can choose hotels to stay in Paris as per your needs and most importantly, your budget.

What is the best time to visit Paris?

You can plan to visit Paris from April to June and from October to November. You can book cheat yet lavish tickets to Paris from Hawaiian airlines reservations.

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