Easy and Efficient Way to Laser Mark Metals

Laser Mark Metals

A good product to help your manufacturing needs feels helpful and appealing. Manufacturers do not like last-minute errors or bad news when sending out their products. For this, they make sure the machines and methods for final work remain perfect.

Producing a new product is one-half of the processing. Whereas offering it a good finish is the other. A good product requires clean marking and additions. That is where laser marking technology steps in.

The methods can be different for producing the mark on the surface of the substrates. Anyhow, while you make a difference between marking methods, do not underestimate the bonding process.

Bonding, engraving and etching are different methods of how a product can include markings. But it needs to be free from errors when offering a great final product.

Presently, different marking techniques offer various benefits. These include clean and permanent markings, and dark black marks offering a brilliant look.

Moreover, their production needs to be unique. It is since the products have to reach various customers. But material properties depend on marking methods.

Laser marking on Metals

Metal industries make a good contribution to manufacturers and end-users likewise. They offer products with marking that is unique and the end results feel great. You have noticed metallic lockets and key chains.

Any markings on them that are not engraved come from laser bonding using laser marking. These options often appear less but offer the best categories for you.

Every product present requires some marking to make it look attractive and provide information. Automobile plastic parts have useful markings for the users and companies.

Markings on cosmetic products and plastic bottles appear as advertising alongside branding. In this light, we present how a metal product comes with great markings.

Laser marking technology is necessary and helpful for metal like it is for wood and other materials such as rubber etc. However, they require care with the use of the bonding method.

It is since laser beam can produce a bad pattern. For this, additional elements such as bonding sprays and inks come to help you. And each offers some unique characteristics.

Laser Marking Method

While you consider laser bonding on stainless or laser marking on aluminum. There appears a good and unique method that you must follow. Even if you try the method yourself, you must make sure that the methodology remains present.

1. Spray or Pour the Ink on Your Surface

To make sure that your marking process remains ideal and clean. The extra material needs to be present before you begin. Whether it is a spray or a spot of ink, you must place this material on the piece.

Adding the material on your surface makes sure that the laser beam remains focused and the work remains neat.

2. Direct Your Laser Beam

Once you place the additional material on the surface of your material. You have to bring the laser beam into play. In processes such as laser marking on copper and laser marking on brass.

The laser beam does not contact the material. It stays above and offers the marking through a high focusing laser beam.

3. Clean the Surface

After your laser beam creates the marking in the presence of a bonding spray or ink, your work is ready. However, you need to remove the waste spray and ink from the marking place. Use a microfiber cloth to take away the additions. Your final work piece is ready!

The technique is loaded with benefits. However, these benefits depend on the laser bonding adhesive that is being used. Laserbond100 is an additive that can help you attain the perfect laser mark metals on any substrate within few minutes. The mark is dark and durable without any doubt. It has been tested over various metals and is proved to produce quick results at lower cost.

Another additional benefit of laser lbt100 is that it is corrosion resistant. Industries like hospitals can use this technique as the resultant mark over the equipment will remain constant regardless of the sterilizers and corrosive cleansers.

You can learn more about the laser bonding, its applications and its benefits by clicking here.

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