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Boost your career with Microsoft Azure Certification

Microsoft azure certification

Microsoft Azure certification has gained huge popularity day by day and getting that certification would definitely advance your career. The major part of the technology industry has been transferred into cloud computing today.  Cloud Computing has been a proven success at companies and also at the individual level for a long time. Microsoft Cloud services are leading the market in IT today. Microsoft Azure Certification and training will increase the chances of professional growth and brighten and widen your career path.

Azure Certification and training will increase the chances of professional growth and brighten and widen your career path.  So, Azure training will provide you endless career options. It will also help in getting trained into it will add to your skillset and experience as well.

Azure Certified Professionals Opportunities:

Now, before going to take any certification course, it is always necessary to choose the right kind of certification program. How do you know which certification will be best suitable for you? It totally depends on the career you choose, your present job position, and your area of expertise. While we are thinking about the certification choice, find below some of the great options of career for the Azure certified professionals:

Cloud Developer:

Cloud Developers are mainly developing software for the business. If you are experienced enough in the software development field along with some background information on Azure, you could be able for this job. Once you become a Microsoft Azure Developer with Azure developer certification, you can able to move forward as a Cloud Developer.

Azure Cloud Architect:

The term itself indicates that the job involves a connection with the clients and engineers while providing an interface with technical leaders and stakeholders. A cloud architect works on technical architectures and leads implementation to make sure the varied extend of the new technology is enacted. With Azure az 900 certification and knowledge, you can fit into the different roles of Azure along with Azure architect.

Cloud Purchase and Sales Manager:

If you are thinking that IT professionals are not linked to sales and purchases, then you have to rethink. Being a Cloud sales and purchase manager will let you become a part of the organization which focuses on adapting to Microsoft Azure. With the Azure Cloud certificate, the certificate scope of IT professionals will be widening. You will get the chance of becoming a huge contributor in shaping the advancement of creative technology in any organization. This certificate will allow you to work side by side with the Software Developers and IT architectures.

Cloud Administrator:

The Cloud Administrator will fulfill the tasks of establishing, performing, and looking after systems on the Microsoft Azure Platform. The Azure certification will add value to your profile to get a high-paying job.

Azure DevOps Engineer:

The skill of the DevOps engineer must go beyond development. Their knowledge and skills must lie in system deployment and operations. DevOps Engineers are working not only with the system operators but also with the technical team and developers as well. They can play several roles by handling the release of codes.

Azure Networking Specialties:

Azure has advanced certified networking training for those who want to work in the networking field. Employers have a huge demand for individuals for the cloud networking engineer certification. You can be able to design and apply advanced Azure and mixture projects.

Cloud Key Account Manager:  

Several numbers of certifications mean there are lots of things for everyone. The Key Account Manager will manage the sales account of the cloud storage, server as well as products. The Key Account Manager also needs to look after the customer accounts and help with purchase decisions. The most important activities of the manager are to enable adoption, drive market penetration and work for generating revenue.

Microsoft has already captured the market and thus its certification whether it is az 900 certification or cloud key management certification or networking specialists or anything else all are in high demand by the employers. So, passing Azure certification exam after taking proper Azure Training will play an integral part in your career growth and you could be able to get a respectable job.

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