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5 Reasons Why Your Child Should Attend a Language Immersion Preschool in Austin

Spanish Immersion Preschool in Austin

So you decided to give your child the gift of languages. Congratulations, your baby will thank you! As promised in our previous Blog on raising multilingual children. In this blog post we will go deeper into Spanish immersion programs for preschoolers. And Know why they are a great idea.

Let’s start with a brief review of what preschool immersion programs. In detail, and how they differ from traditional language instruction. Traditional language class means that the class (the language itself. for example, Spanish) is taught in a foreign language. Other classes in preschool, childcare are taught in English. The result is that relatively little time or very small percentage of a child’s day is spent speaking Spanish.

In Language Daycare or preschool most (or all) periods are taught in a foreign language. Which leads to a higher percentage of the day spent speaking it. There are different types of immersion programs, depending on your goals as a parent. All programs assume that one language (such as English) is spoken at home. And that you and your parents want to learn another language (such as Spanish) in preschool. Maybe the third language (let’s say Mandarin).

Full immersion is perhaps the most popular option and means that 100% of the time is taught in Spanish. This type of program is one-way, that is, the program is designed to bring about fluency in the language of Spanish. Your children should be able to speak English because it is spoken at home.

Partial immersion means that 50% of the time is taught in Spanish. Therefore, the program is two-sided and provides fluency in both Spanish and English. “Triple Play” programs are very ambitious and one of their variants involves a full two-way complete immersion with Spanish and Mandarin at school and (most likely) English at home. These types of applications are rare.

Now that we’ve covered the types of language immersion programs for preschoolers, let’s look at five reasons why it’s a good idea. You can probably price the first, but maybe not the last!

Bang for Your Buck: Children have several-year time periods where it is easy for them to learn a language. Really very easy. The “interval” life span is estimated to be approximately 10 years. A language immersion daycare or preschool is a little more expensive than the “English only” school. But the return on investment in language teaching when they are under 5 years old is hundreds of times higher than it is when they are 15 and possibly thousands. Several times higher than when they were in their twenties, especially if you consider the cost of college these days!

Language Absorption: Kids are small language sponges from 6 months to 10 years. The more you send them, the more absorbed they are. If you want them to absorb more, it is wise to send them as much as possible as soon as possible. The large amount of foreign language used in language immersion school is much more than it is, of course, in traditional language classes.

Methodology: In Spanish immersion school in Austin. Teachers have more time and flexibility to approach teaching from various angles. This style is suitable for younger students who are naturally curious and can pick up language from all angles.

Involvement: At the organizational level, preschools tend to act as a magnet for high-achieving parents. Who want to remain participants so that you can meet others who share your educational values ​​personally. And especially for complete immersion preschools. Parents generally feel responsible for their children. Knowing also to communicate everything in English, for example. For example, “You know amor means love, right?!”

Compassion and Culture: Putting your children in an environment. Where they have to make an effort to understand and comprehend it is a very effective way to teach empathy. It is also impossible to learn a foreign language without learning a lot about the foreign culture that comes with it. Cultural awareness and compassion with others of different backgrounds have always been assets. But arguably never more so than in the interconnected world of today. Priceless!

About Austin Eco Bilingual School

Austin Eco Bilingual School is Spanish immersion daycare and preschool in Austin. We provide a great opportunity for children to develop or preserve their knowledge of the Spanish language. Speaking the Spanish language is an extremely valuable skill in today’s world. Our Spanish immersion preschool is a great way for kids to improve their social awareness. And build an appreciation for Spanish culture in a fun and supportive environment with us. For more info call us 5122995731 at or visit our website.

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