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Yoga Revisisted

Yoga – I used to ignore it. I thought it wasn’t worth my time. I preferred exercises that were of higher intensity and burned a lot of fat and calories. To me, yoga didn’t meet these requirements. Yoga Revisisted

Yoga revisited – Last month I checked out a yoga DVD just for a change of pace. I was in the mood for something a little more low-key. That half-hour flew by, and I felt so refreshed! I felt good. Optimistic. Woodland creatures came to greet me and clean my kitchen. Seriously.

Now I make a point to fit in a yoga session once or twice a week. This may not fit the definition of a true yogi, but it works for a beginner like me. Yoga Revisited

What I like most about yoga is the stretching. I enjoy improving my flexibility, and it’s something I need to pay more attention to, especially for protecting my injured knee. Somehow I feel longer after a yoga session; I have better posture. druid name generator

I also enjoy working on my strength and balance, both of which yoga provides, and in a way that is less stressful to the joints. Again, my knee approves. Plus, being someone who constantly stumbles,

improving balance is always welcome! (I always trip, but I never fall – probably thanks in part to dance classes as a child – otherwise I’d be a lot more up close and personal with the pavement.)

Yoga back: Last month I watched a yoga DVD for any changes. I need something modest. It’s been 30 minutes without delay or refreshment! I’m all right. Optimism. Wild animals came in front of me and cleaned the kitchen. But tell the truth.

I find yoga to be energizing. I wouldn’t have thought this since there’s no running, jumping, or groove thing shaking. But it gets the blood circulating, and I feel I have a lot more energy just to tackle everything in daily life.

Yoga is also a great stress reliever. That’s pretty much well known. I don’t use yoga as a form of meditation as some may do. I do find the held poses and the deep breathing calm the body. It’s a great way to clear the mind and organize your thoughts, as many other exercises can do.

And I love the names for all the yoga poses. My favorites are the downward-facing dog (oh, yeah, feel it in the calves) and the sun salutation (oh yeah, that’s a good one.

I think my back just popped). I’ve actually done a few sun salutation-type stretches before an audition to shake away some of the nerves and tension. It counteracts that fight-or-flight syndrome.

I may never be a true yogi as my heart is still into the more traditional cardio workouts, but I still feel yoga is a great addition to my overall workout program. Incorporating flexibility, balance, and strength along with cardio just makes for a balanced fitness program AND body anyway!

I leave you with an excellent instruction of the sun salutation poses:

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