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 Yoga Mudrasana & Swastikasana, Method, Benefits 

Yoga Mudrasana:

After knowing the method and benefits of Yoga Mudrasana, you will start doing it everyday. By doing this asana, more than half of your stomach diseases will be cured. Therefore, make this yoga mudrasana a part of your daily life. This posture is very important in yoga, hence this yoga posture is called Yogamudrasana.

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Method of Yoga Mudrasana:

  • First of all, after choosing a clean, clean and ventilated place, place a mat or bed sheet there.
  • Now by applying Padmasana comfortably, move both your hands towards the back comfortably.
  • Now with one hand, hold the wrist of the other hand from behind the back.
  • Then while exhaling, bend the body forward and lie on the ground and hold the breath.
  • Keep in mind that while you are leaning forward, do not lift the waist and buttocks upwards.
  • Now slowly while pulling the breath inwards, lift the head and come back to its first position.

Benefits of Yoga Mudrasana:

1. Spinal Flexibility

By doing this asana, your waist bone becomes flexible as well as strong. This increases blood circulation in the nervous system, so that you can stay healthy.

2. Benefit in stomach problem

By doing Yoga Mudrasana, we get rid of all the problems in our stomach. For example, there is no clearing of the stomach, gas formation in the stomach and loss of appetite. Along with this, diseases of the intestines can also be reduced.

3. Get rid of obesity

People who have more fat in their stomach by doing Yoga Mudrasana. By regularizing this asana, belly fat is reduced, as well as getting rid of obesity.

4. The navel remains in its place

People whose navel moves frequently, or moves away from its place. They must do this asana. By doing this, along with the navel, other abdominal organs get strength. They remain stable in their place and continue to work smoothly.

Precautions in Yoga Mudrasana:

  • After knowing the method and benefits of Yoga Mudrasana, do not start doing this asana right away. First check whether you should do this asana or not, if your physical condition is such that you should not do this asana then don’t.
  • Yoga Mudrasana should be done according to one’s ability. If you do more than your capacity, then you may also have to face loss.
  • If a man or woman is suffering from hernia, high blood pressure, pregnancy and sciatica, then they should not do this asana.
  • Do the asana only under the supervision of an accomplished yoga instructor.

Beneficial in which diseases:

1. Diabetes

By doing this asana, the pancreas is exercised. Due to increased blood circulation in the pancreas gland, the disorder starts decreasing. Due to this, the deformed pancreas also starts working after recovering slowly. If it is done with the right Ayurvedic medicines and other yoga asanas, then one can get rid of a deadly disease like diabetes.

2. Obesity

By doing Yoga Mudrasana, the belly fat is reduced, the liver or liver starts working properly. Which helps in reducing weight.

3. Constipation

It is often seen that due to constipation, many diseases arise in our body. By doing this asana, not only does one get rid of constipation, but it also keeps distance from all those diseases which arise due to constipation.

We hope that after reading this article related to the method and benefits of Yoga Mudrasana, you will definitely take advantage of it and definitely share your experience in the comment box below.

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Yogasana is the best exercise to keep the mind calm. One of these asanas is Swastikasana. This not only keeps your mind calm but also makes it easier to meditate. The concentration of the mind increases. This asana relieves you from many mental and physical problems. The name of Swastikasana comes first in the seated postures. The benefits of this asana will be told to you later, first let us understand the method of doing it.


  • To do this asana, first make a clean blanket or bed sheet in a clean place. After this, sit on the seat with the legs spread out.
  • Bend the left leg at the knee and place it under the right thigh and shin. That is, keep it below the knee, and keep it in such a way that the soles of the left foot are hidden,
  • After this, place the toes and soles of the right foot under the left foot in the middle of the thigh. By doing this, you will establish yourself in the form of self-realization.
  • After that, straighten the spine and sit in meditation posture. Hold your breath in your lungs for as long as possible. Do the same process by changing your leg.

Benefits of Swastikasana-

  • Doing this asana gives peace to the mind
  • relieves mental stress
  • Increases the ability to concentrate and concentrate
  • Relieves from foot pain
  • Even if your feet are cold, this asana will be of great benefit.
  • Swastikasana is very beneficial for those who sweat a lot.
  • Gives relief from gout.
  • If there is a lot of sweat from the feet, then do this asana.
  • Helpful in curing diseases of the genitals
  • Beneficial in back pain

Precautions for Swastikasana

  • If a person has sciatica, then do not do this asana.
  • Do not do this easy if there is any problem in the spine
  • If you have knee pain, do not do this asana.

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