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Why you should gift Digital Oil Painting to your loved ones?

The buzz around the digital oil painting is real. It has become one of the most preferred choices when it comes to giving a gift to loved ones. What is so special about these paintings? What makes these paintings a great gift? Why may you consider gifting these paintings to your loved ones?  In this article, we are walking you through the amazing world of digital paintings. Stay with us till the end of the article & you will have a bunch of ideas that can make your loved ones go crazy.

What makes a gift special?

The topic of this article is interesting. However, right before jumping into digital oil painting, let’s understand what makes a gift special. Scholars and academicians have put in some great work on this topic. We are sharing a few points here that can help you understand the basics of this subject. So here are a few things that you should look for while selecting a perfect gift.

A gift should stand out

When we say that a gift should stand out, it doesn’t mean that it has to be expensive. Do you know which gifts stand out? The well-thought ones. Understanding what a person likes & then choosing a gift that can make them feel delighted, is a way to go. Expensive gifts don’t guarantee that a person will like them. They may like it in the beginning, but such gifts soon lose their relevance from a person’s life. A digital oil painting perfectly matches this criterion.

A gift should have a personal touch 

When the receiver shares a connection with the gift, it means the gift has a personal touch. When you gift someone something that they can relate to, it becomes a part of their life. There are a variety of gifts. For example, if someone likes reading, you can gift them a book. If one likes to paint, then you can gift them a kit of paint. This shows that you care about what they are really into. Such gifts hold the power to touch the heart of the receiver.

Relevance of the gift

This is the final and most important aspect that makes a gift special. Utilitarian gifts are thoughtful, however, those gifts are soon used up or exhausted. Whereas showpieces or souvenirs do very little other than accumulating the dust. So, a gift that stays relevant in the receiver’s life for a really long time can keep reminding them of a person who gifted it.

A digital oil painting fulfills all these necessary conditions that make a gift special. A painting is cherished by the visitor and frequently revisited again and again. Thus, it stays relevant in the receiver’s life for really long. It is created from a reference picture, hence, it gives the flexibility to choose your favourite memory. Most importantly, it has a personal touch. All these things make a digital oil painting a great gift. After understanding why you should gift these paintings to your loved ones, let’s see how to go about getting these paintings.

A gift is what you give yourself

What is at the core of any gift? It’s the feeling that makes someone feel special. When you gift someone, you like the smile that gift brings to their face. You like this feeling and it’s the key reason that motivates you to gift your loved ones. So when you are giving the gift, you are actually gifting yourself with this moment of happiness. Everyone gifts someone something, however, if your gifts are well thought of, your loved ones will definitely love them.

Ordering a digital painting from OilPixel

If you are thinking of getting a  digital portrait painting online it’s very likely that you might have come across OilPixel. To order a digital painting, all you have to do is visit the website and upload your picture. You will hear back from their representatives and your order will be processed further. The team helps you out throughout the process right till the end. After receiving the payment, your order will be confirmed. With highly efficient delivery partners, OilPixel ensures that you receive your order within the due timeline.

Why OilPixel

OilPixel is best known for recreating memories. They help you cherish some of the most special memories. You can take a look at the gallery to see some of their old work. Along with this short walkthrough, you can also witness the different testimonials that they have received from all the happy customers. Turning your favourite photographs into timeless paintings is their passion and profession.

The approach is spreading smiles – one portrait at a time. The team of talented artists at the studio is well equipped with skill sets and experienced to tell your story through the portrait.  So when you trust them with your work, you are trusting the experts who really know their stuff. Restoring people’s old memories is something that they have been trusted with for the last couple of years. While being part of such fascinating stories, they have created and delivered more than 7500 digital paintings. OilPixel clientele of happy customers is spread all over the world.

Services Offered 

Old photo restoration is one of the various services that they offer. Their services include personal portraits, couple portraits, child portraits, etc. So, whether you are searching for a gift for your parent’s anniversary or you are celebrating the convocation of your young little sister, you will find a portrait that makes your gifting experience memorable for your loved ones. The job is not just restricted to creating digital paintings from pictures. They also offer the old photo restoration service.

Preserving/ restoring old, broken photographs and recreating those pictures into digital paintings is their specialty. The old photographs are rare and hold a special memory in people’s hearts and preserving those memories is an important task. It’s the kind of work for which you can rely only on experts & to check this for yourself,  you may visit their digital photo restoration services category.

We wish that your gifting experience is memorable and spreads happiness among your loved ones. If you like this article, do feel free to revisit us. You can also follow one of our key artists, Mr. Vipul Pandit on Quora to know more about the insights of digital paintings, processes & a lot more. Feel free to reach out to us to share your ideas. You can also follow us on our social media handles to stay updated with the latest happenings in this space.

OilPixel is your go-to palace for digital painting online in India and we look forward to painting your memory next.

Vipul Pandit

Vipul, the co-founder of Oilpixel, has been an art enthusiast for more than 15 years now. With his expertise, we recreate memories through Digital Oil Paintings

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