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Why Vapes Are Better Than Cigarettes?

In the past few years, E-cigarettes have gained pretty much popularity and are emerging as a popular and good alternative to traditional cigarettes. Electric cigarettes are widely used as the people who are planning to quit smoking perceive them as helpful and less harmful. Some specialists claim its potential value in helping the number of people trying to quit smoking. Have a look at the reasons why E-cigarettes are better than traditional cigarettes.

Research of SSSE on e-cigarettes

According to the research of Stop Smoking Services England, the people who are attending stop smoking services, electronic cigarettes proved helpful. The monitoring data has some limitations but it suggests that using an electronic cigarette in the future as a part of quitting attempt, continues to be proved helpful for the quitters. However, the evidence supporting the suggestion that e-cigarettes have caused the decline in demand for stop-smoking services is inconclusive.

There are several vape shops Birmingham UK selling high-quality vape juices that contain less amount of nicotine and do not cause harshness of the throat. Inhaling these flavored juices is much better than a smoking tobacco cigarette.

How are Vapes Better?

Many people think that using E-cigarettes is safer than smoking a traditional cigarette. Well, vape is not 100% safe but the statement is pretty much true. The electronic cigarette is less harmful to use because the aerosol in electronic cigarette does not contain all the contaminants that are present in a tobacco cigarette. As we all know that the normal cigarette has some drastic side effects on human health, many health specialists argue that electronic cigarettes can help in the efforts to quit smoking.

Why people are more interested in using vapes?

Everyone knows about how dangerous is smoking and how bad is this habit. The toxins produced while tobacco is burned cause severe smoking-related illnesses. More than 16 million people in Europe are living with the diseases caused by smoking. It causes lung cancer, heart diseases, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease COPD. It also increases the risks of tuberculosis. The number of benefits that are seen when people stop smoking completely is shocking. But many people find cutting down this habit difficult and need some alternative at their initial stage. This is the reason why these people use vapes as a source of support.


Electric cigarettes are considered the popular source of support for smokers. Who wants to quit and stop smoking services is an effective type of support. According to many people, both options should be recommended to smokers interested in quitting. And according to these people, it should be allowed the smokers to use electric cigarettes if they want to use them. Health professionals should provide these people behavioral support. And should receive training and educations on using an electric cigarette in quit attempts.

Well, smoking is dangerous for health, so is an electronic cigarette. But according to a study, vaping uses less exposure to toxicants than smoking. This is the reason why vaping is gaining popularity in youth and in the people who want to quit smoking.


Caitlin Todd is a skeptic and shrewd analyst. She works as a Digital Marketing Expert at ECO Vapors, UK. She believes in carrying out systematic steps, from root level research to reaching put prospects, to ensure achieving real results.

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