Why should you consider Uber Clone App for your taxi booking business?

Uber has changed how the taxi businesses used to happen. It was only a few years ago where we used to stand at the roadside and wave at the taxis to stop. Also, for traveling outstation, people had to pre-book the taxis to reach their destinations on time. Uber has taken away this hassle by offering taxi booking on the go. Just a few taps on the app and you will receive the notification of a cab driver coming for the pickup.

Looking at the rising popularity of the On-Demand Taxi Booking App, several conventional taxi booking businesses are considering developing the Uber-Like App.

The article will discuss why you should consider developing an app like Uber for your Taxi Booking Business.

Uber Clone – Fine Income Generating On-Demand Taxi Booking App Solution

There is a massive usage of Ride-sharing Apps today.

People are resisting using public transportation due to the pandemic. Thus On-Demand Taxi Booking App offers higher possibilities of generating more revenue for your business.

Developing an app with a professional Indian Uber Clone App Development Company you can seize those profit-making opportunities and capture a wider customer base.

  • Uber Clone App has got all the potentials that fulfill the user’s travel-related expectations.
  • Your Taxi-Booking Business gain quick visibility when offered taxi services in the majority of the areas.
  • The Ride-sharing App automates the entire Taxi Booking activities, thus allowing the drivers to handle more trips.
  • The Taxi Clone App comes with integrated revenue gaining options like Loyalty programs, Promo Codes, Deals, etc.

Uber Clone With Apple Watch App – We Make Your Taxi Booking Easier

To book a taxi using wearable technology has made it simple even more.

It is easier, quicker, and immediate. To stay ahead in the Taxi Booking Market, Uber Clone with Apple Watch App comes with the top range of features that your customers will enjoy the convenience of booking their taxis.

If you are planning to enter On-Demand Taxi Booking Business that makes you exclusive, Uber Clone with Apple Watch App will keep you one step ahead in the game.

The On-Demand Mobile App Developers with years of experience in developing and launching successful apps have come up with a revolutionary Apple Watch Taxi App suiting this millennial audience.

Advanced-level New Uber Clone Features

Restricted passenger limit

It allows the driver to restrict the passenger limit adhering to the COVID19 safety measures.

Face mask verifications

The driver has to upload the selfie into the app to verify that the face mask is on.

Safety checklist

Before confirming the ride, the user is shown the safety checklist to make sure that they are equipped accordingly before boarding the taxi.

Safety ratings and reviews

The users will be asked for the safety ratings and reviews once the trip has ended. This is to know whether the driver followed the safety protocols.

Ride cancellation

If the driver or the rider feels like not following the safety measures can cancel the ride.

Apply toll cost manually

The driver will add the toll cost manually to the invoice at the end of the trip.

Taxi fare calculations 2 models

The fare calculation is available based on 2 models – Allowing the rider to pay as per the estimated fare or calculate the fare based on the road traveled.

OTP verification to start the ride

The driver will ask for the OTP, verifying the same before starting the ride.

Graphical status of the rides

The in-app notification offers a graphical icon to the rider offering the status on a real-time basis.

Apart from the above-mentioned, there are other PRIME FEATURES to integrate into Uber Clone App.

Stopover points

This feature allows the users to stop at multiple places while taking the ride. It makes it easy for all those who have few chores to complete on the way. Entering a single destination along with multiple intermediate stops over points is easier than taking multiple taxi trips.

End of the day trip

This is a driver-side feature that allows the driver to put their final destination before calling their day. This may include picking up the rides en route to their destination.

Call masking

This Uber-like app feature facilitates calling between the rider and the driver without exchanging their contact numbers. In a single tap, the call can be placed and two parties can talk about their concern. The call masking feature helps in maintaining privacy.

Insurance reports

This feature provides a special insurance report that Admin can access through Dashboard Panel.

The report gives you the clarity of the a total number of trips taken. It gives a detailed report on:

  • Number of rides accepted
  • Rides after accepting the trips
  • After starting the trip

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Rent a taxi

The Uber Clone App feature comes integrated with the Uber-Like Taxi Rental feature within.

The customers can quickly rent the taxis on an hourly as well as on a distance basis.

By adding Uber-like taxi ride-booking and rental features in a single app will allow you to generate more profits, covering a greater number of customers. Also, your brand name enjoys better visibility and improved rankings over the search engines.

Two years of free upgradation

What’s more, appreciating it is that your taxi booking app works flawlessly. This feature offers 2 years of upgradation at no cost as per your chosen package.

white label taxi booking app

Start Your Uber Clone Taxi Business In 7 Steps

  1. Once you have discussed your Uber Clone App requirement with the team, they will provide you with the Live Demo. Thus, giving you a better understanding of the app.
  2. Once you have okayed the demo and are happy, you go ahead and place the order
  3. There is a dedicated project manager assigned to you who will take care of your app project.
  4. The app development team starts working on your White-labeling taxi app. This includes your logo, language, brand name, currencies, and customized features that you agreed.
  5. Once the app is ready, the team will provide you with the final demo. With the final approval, the team proceeds with the launching of the app in the Play Store/App Store.
  6. Your Uber Clone Taxi Booking App is live and ready to take bookings.
  7. Once we have successfully launched the Uber Clone App and installed it on your servers, the team hands over the Uber Clone Source Code to you.

In Conclusion

To build a futuristic Uber Clone App, you will need a professional Uber Clone App Development Company to make it look unique. The app comprises new as well as prime features along with Apple Watch App.

You will be always ahead in your On-Demand Taxi Booking Business. Take the live demo and get the feel of your app working in a real environment. The app is a one-time investment that allows you to prosper in your business.

Also, there are other variations available just like Uber Clone App. This includes Cubejekx 2021, Mini Gojek Clone, Delivery King, Grocery Delivery On-Demand, Food Delivery On-Demand & Taxi, and Delivery On-Demand.

Talk about your requirements with the app development team and take your dream take shape into reality.


Felica Carroll is Digital marketing leader of, An On demand app development company. She has an extensive experience in building successful strategy for app-based industry. She loves to write everything about clone Scripts and mobile application development.

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