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Why Health and Safety Training NYC for the Employees Important?

Why Health and Safety Training NYC for the Employees Important?

According to the health and safety of employees Act 1974, every employer should provide the necessary training, information, and equipment to the employees. The training to perform a job efficiently ensures the health and safety of the staff.

The workers working at sites or dealing with heavy machinery must have safety training to avoid accidents. This health and safety training is lifesaving as they provide proper instruction to the employees to perform their tasks without any risk.

Health and safety training NYC helps employees show what they should and should not do while carrying out their workplace activities. Through the training, employees learn different aspects of the job, from the menial to the riskiest activities at the workplace.

Appropriate employee training reduces the chances of workplace incidents and, in turn, leads to lower insurance premiums. Moreover, it reduces the potential lawsuits against the company. Similarly, the health environment of the company improves, and employees feel much safer while working on different tasks.

There are many ways through which the manager or a colleague can train the new employees. They can provide the written documents like method statements or verbally communicate with the new employees.

Workplace Training Types

There are different types of workplace training discussed below that the managers should adapt according to the needs of employees.

Introductory Training

Introductory training or induction training is for new employees who need to know about the job. This training consists of basic information about the organization and how it serves the community. Moreover, it assists the employees by introducing the workplace environment to become familiar with the job and the colleagues.

Following are the topics that a manager should include in introductory training.

  • A manager must give the new employee’s workplace orientation
  • The training about fire safety and emergency exits
  • Training about using first aid kit and taking preventive measures in case of injury before going to the hospital
  • Health and safety training and risk assessment to avoid workplace accidents.
  • Training about the tool, machinery, and equipment required to perform the job

Training to Refresh the Skills

Refresher training is for current employees working in the organization. This training is necessary due to the perception that the existing skills of employees have become outdated. Refresher training can be due to the advancement in technology or to remind everyone of the basic steps of performing a job.

If the company wants to avoid workplace accidents, it must give refresher training to stay conscious about workplace safety.

Toolbox Meeting

The toolbox talk is a formal meeting that includes necessary safety information. These meetings help in promoting the safety culture among employees within the organization. The toolbox talks should be face-to-face meetings consisting of short presentations and carried out by managers, supervisors, and work colleagues. The toolbox talks are mostly informal, but you should keep a record of them.

Reasons for Providing Health and Safety Training

It is the legal duty of the employer to provide health and safety training to employees. There is no limit by law on how much the level of training should be, but an adequate level of training is necessary.

People regularly working on construction sites perform various activities associated with risk. Therefore, exceptional training and personal protective equipment should be given to the staff. Moreover, providing safety training and equipment is always good for business.

Providing safety training gives an image that you care for your employees and do not want them to work in an unsafe environment. No one likes to work in a hazardous environment, and the employees who are forced to work in such an environment are apt to leave. It increases employee turnover intention and causes harm to the reputation of the organization.

Ignoring the importance of workplace safety can lead to severe accidents and injuries, increasing the potential for legal and civil proceedings.

Who Needs the Training?

Training of the employees depends on the work environment, but according to health and safety training NYC, everybody should receive health and safety training. The managers should keep in mind that there should not be one training method for all employees.

For example, A worker who drives a forklift truck will experience different work hazards than the welder. Similarly, a worker will face different types of emergencies while working in an office. Therefore, all the employees need training according to their job type.

How to Perform the Training?

The most crucial step in training is risk assessment, in which the employees get to know the risk associated with the job. Risk assessment is a legal requirement for all companies having five or more employees. The manager should identify all the hazards related to the position in risk assessment training.

The second important thing is the person giving the training. Primarily, the managers or supervisor provides the movement, but sometimes professional trainers come and provide training to the employees.

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