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Why Erectile Dysfunction Should Not Be Treated As a Problem and Our Role As a Society?

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction or ED is a condition where the male partner cannot get or maintain a penile erection during sexual intercourse. Statistics related to ED are gradually showing an exponential pattern like other diseases. ED generally scales up with increasing age, but it should in no way interfere with the mental health of a person.

It is just a condition that has a treatment and can be cured timely just like any other health issue. Anyone who is experiencing ED should keep in mind that it’s alright and not a major matter to be overly stressed about and they are advised to have a solution-oriented mind with a positive approach.

Here’s why it should not be considered as an obstacle in living a normal life:-

Medical help is available

Medical science has crossed miles in providing help to a person with ED needs. New research ideas and methods are constantly arriving and the work is also being done in improving upon the existing ones. One should keep in mind that the scenario is not that grim the way it is perceived by many, it is just a small matter of health that has got the back of the medical fraternity.

Following are the methods or ways that have really eased the condition:-

  • Medications like Vidalista 60, Malegra FXT, Super Tadarise, and Fildena 100 are there to help.
  • Psychotherapy
  • Penile injections
  • Hormone replacement therapy
  • Shock wave therapy

Moreover, new methods are also being experimented to introduce into the field. A variety of options are available for this single condition to get alleviated quickly. Hence, ED should not be a major concern as a solid help is there.

Awareness about ED is gradually spreading among people

Awareness is the most important pillar to creating an intelligent and informed society. Though slowly but fortunately, a wave of awareness among people about ED has come. Society is being educated about reproductive health and related deviations like sexual dysfunction. Many governmental or non-governmental organizations are raising awareness about it through multiple campaigns, print media, and audio-visual media.

Adolescents are being educated about ED so as to keep them from believing in myths and lead a reproductively healthy life. As our world is becoming more and more educated about it, the easier it’s getting to discuss and sort out the ways to get the situation controlled. This is indeed a very good sign for the people fighting ED and society as a whole. Therefore, dysfunction is less likely to be seen as a heavy problem but just a situation that a person might be having.

It’s just a health condition, not a disorder

The ultimate fact about erectile dysfunction is that it’s not a disorder or a problem but a mere state of health that has an impactful, genuine, and effective cure. Any man in the world can experience this and staking mental health upon this is not worth it at all.

Help is available at every front only if we are looking for it. Many people affected by this reported having unbalanced work-life, low self-esteem, low confidence, mental stress because of Overthinking and overanalyzing. Taking such a mental toll on a curative condition is not the solution. One should treat it as a health deviation, not more than that!

A person fighting with ED should know that he is not alone!

The condition is very common worldwide, with Prevalence ranging from about 150 million men. The individual who has been battling with this must keep in mind that he is absolutely not alone as there are others also who are fighting the same fight. Doctors are there to help both at a physical level and also at a mental level. The need of the hour is to have the right approach towards this.

What Can We Do As A Society?

  • Speaking from the perspective of society, we can bring revolution and an enormous change in the field of conditions related to reproductive health.
  • Rather than addressing it as a problem, we should focus on becoming more educated about it and bringing this topic to the table for discussion.
  • Like any other health condition, ED also can approach any man. Therefore, awareness about initial symptoms and related changes should be spread.
  • Participation in campaigns and programs can promote genuine information and demote myths related to it.
  • Normalizing discussion about sexual dysfunction so that people fighting with impotence can feel comfortable and welcome as the last thing they want is to be shunned by society.

Along with the medical fraternity, it’s our collective responsibility to discuss the things about health that really matters. Being hesitant and reluctant in talking about sexual dysfunction and sexual health can never bring out fruitful outcomes. We have to be bold and sensitive at the same time to bring about a wave of change.

This is not a problem if we alter our perspective and start looking at things in a different way. Sure, improvement will take time but to initiate that, it has to start with us. We have to be empathetic and respectful while talking about it because we can never know what the person might be going through. With intelligence and tenderness, we can create a better and safer place for people struggling with sexual dysfunction and there are a lot of medications available like Cenforce 100 mg, Vidalista 20 mg, Vilitra 20 mg, and many more that can be used for the treatment.


To conclude, in this day and age, with advancement in the medical field and programs running to take care of reproductive and sexual health addressing conditions like erectile dysfunction, it really is not a ponderous issue to be panic about or to look at it as an obstacle in the way of leading a normal life. As people are becoming more aware and educated about the condition, the situation is more on the facile side.

Government and NGOs are making solid efforts in the dissemination of facts and unfeigned information. ED is only a fettle with plausible and curative treatment. As a society, we also should take steps to become more informed and responsible beings. Erectile dysfunction is a state of health and it should also be treated that way only.  It is not a problem, defect, or disorder. ED can be regarded as just a phase that doesn’t define a person.

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