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While Purchasing a Double Bed, What Should Be Criteria?

A double bed also referred to as a full bed, is the standard size bed and is the most commonly used size in the UK. Double beds allow two people to sleep and the good thing about this size of the bed is that it provides good looking appearance without making the bedroom look overcrowded. This size is ideal for the guest room, for the room of a teenager, and for the couple who likes to snuggle and don’t need a lot of separate space. But before buying a double bed, there are different aspects you should consider before taking a step.

5 Basic Considerations Before Buying a Double Bed

1. Frame and Headboard Size:

Before purchasing a double bed, the factor that should be considered first is the size of a frame. Bed frames with headboard and footboard add more space that is up to three to five inches. You should select the size according to your mattress. You can attach a headboard of your choice to any bed if the sizes are compatible. For purchasing king size headboards for sale, there are a variety of places that offer headboards such as cushioned, metal, wingback, solid wooden headboards. However, you can decorate your bedroom with a bed without a headboard as well.


The material of a double bed is extremely important for you to consider before purchasing a bed. The material could be wood, iron, plastic, and more. Make sure to buy the one that is the right one based on your need, the theme of your room, your budget, and the environment you are living in. The material of the furniture can have a major impact on the environment and vice versa.

3.Space available:

The availability of the space in your room should be considered first. A double bed is the best option for rooms of a standard size. It will work well in the bedroom where there is another furniture as well. The place like studio apartments, dorm rooms, guest rooms, where there is limited space, the double bed is a good choice.


The design of a bed plays the most important role before buying a bed. If you have a specific design and idea about the double bed you want for your bedroom, you should check all the available options until you find the right design that fits your preferences. The design of the double be can be in terms of color, shape, style, material, and more.

5.Compatibility with Mattress:

There are various options available in the double beds. You should make sure to buy the one that is compatible with your mattress because not all mattresses can fit on every bed. If you already have a mattress then it is necessary to pick the right double bed for your mattress. In this case, you might also consider adjustable double beds.

All of the mentioned points are the most important criteria and should be taken into consideration when you are planning to buy a double bed for your bedroom. First ensure the available space for the bed, the design you want, the size you prefer, and last but not the least, the cost.


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