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Where To Go When In Bali?

Hasn’t Bali been on the list of every travel, especially couples? This place is mainly known for the luxurious resorts with the most mesmerizing views. But honestly, Bali is a lot more than just the resorts. Want to know what we are talking about? Go further in this post, and you will get your answers. 

Bali is one of the most gorgeous, romantic, and adventurous islands in the entire country. The refreshing fragrance in the atmosphere, a backdrop to die for, and a lot of hidden treasures to explore together make this island one of the most visited destinations, and Delta Airlines booking are therefore always available. 

More than half of the guests are couples on their honeymoon or a quick getaway. Bal is widely famous for staycations, but we will tell you the top five places here that you must take some time out for. 

Mount Batur

Since Bali is known for its views and backdrop, why not start your trip soaking the bright sun from one of the highest spots on the island. You can trek up to the very famous Mount Batur and embrace the beauty of Bali. The best time to start your trek is when the sun starts to set to see the most beautiful sunrise of your life. Before you start, enjoy the shores of Lake Batur. Hike up alone or be a part of a guided tour and meet new people. 

Tanah Lot Temple

If you are religious and love to take God’s blessings where you go, Bai has quite a few temples. Tanah Lot Temple, which seems like floating in the waters, is one of them and is known for its amazing architecture. Bali is known to many people as the land of Gods. Although foreigners are not allowed inside this Nirartha inspired holy place, you can acknowledge the beauty around you and get some Insta-worthy photographs. 

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Kuta Beach

To relax in between the adventure, head to Kuta Beach. Discovered as a fishing village, Kuta Beach soon received love from more and more people and is today one of the most crowded tourist attractions. If you love to surf or even want to learn how you surf, you can book beginners lessons for you. Sip on your favorite drink and enjoy the waves hitting the shore. You can also experience the nightlife in Bali at the bars on the beach. 

Bali Museum

Apart from all the fun and outings, why not give a chance to get to the roots of Bali? Bali Museum is one of the few places where you can get to the deep side of this wonderful island. Dutch people found this museum in the early 90s to ensure that the glamour does not cover the real side of Bali. Jewels, weapons, paintings, and a lot of artworks and artifacts are displayed here for tourists to take a look at. You will also find a temple inside this museum. 

Ubud Art Market

Any holiday is incomplete without exploring the markets of a place. In Bali, Ubud Art Market is worth a tour. Jam-packed with many small shops and stalls, this is the best place to get gifts for your near and dear ones. You will find a huge variety of handcrafted stuff like bags, hats, jewelry, clothes, and home decor. If you have watched Eat, Love, and Pray, you will recognize this place. 

Final Statement

With the best resorts in Lovina, this island is perfect for staying in or roaming around with your partner’s hands in yours. You will enjoy every minute you spend in Bali. So don’t wait up and get yourself American Airlines Reservations to this gem of a place.

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