Where Did The Name Candles Come From?

The Origination of the Term Candle

The terms for English we speak today come mainly from old and Latin words that roll on the tongues of generations and reach us. The term “candle” originates from multiple old and Middle English eras. The word came from Old Latin defining “Candle” or “Candere as to shine or to illuminate. Candle’s name in Latin has also meant many other meanings such, be whiten or glisten. The term “Candela” used by old English speakers was popular once. Now, CandleCandle has been the main term for this block of wax and wick to ignite it for the past few centuries. 

What Are Candles Famous for?

Hand Crafted Candles are famous traditional masterpieces from the past many centuries and are crucial lighting ornaments even now. People all over the world work in candle-making industries and exclusive companies that sell pure and rich candles for creating relaxing auras at home and in hotels. Candles hold symbolic meanings to it and even religious importance to many people. They are popular for “leading the right path” and “holy illuminations” and statements such as “spirits of truth”. There are many beliefs for candles that glow the graves of dead people and give the people seeking repentance a light in the darkness of this life. There are many meanings to it, depending on what dictionary you open. 

What are Candles Used for Today?

As time evolved, people used candles mainly to light their homes at night time. Today, a candle is more than just religion and symbolizing meanings. It is an element of relaxation for many people, as they believe adding essential oils and ingredients to the paraffin wax can relieve stress and soothe the body in relaxation. People use candles for decoration, art, exclusive ornaments, souvenirs, home décor, and sophisticated cosmetics company items. The candles today are in salons, spas, Jacuzzis, saunas, comfort zones, and almost in every posh home as a decoration piece. 

What do People add in Candles?

These days, people have given candles a brand new look, just as the evolution of its name. There are dozens of fragrances and oils added to the plain variety of waxes and special wicks that stay lit for a longer period. Lavender, rose, chamomile, mint, coffee essences, and essential oils that tend to add more to a candle than it already is. There are powders, colours, ingredients that burn along the Candle creating smokes of scents. That create a therapeutic environment all around. People have found ways to enhance the material and design of the CandleCandle through many ways. 


In simple words, candles have had massive importance for centuries that they have until now. There are so many ways candles assist and embellish the interior. Moreover, candle-makers have recently made the art of CandleCandle, making an exclusive and highly expensive industry. That sells each CandleCandle for thousands of euros per CandleCandle. This was all about the origination of the term “candle” and its evolution over time in the world.


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