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When is Hosting for Multiple Sites Needed?

Hosting for Multiple Sites

One website might not be enough for you. Hence creating more than one website is very common these days. The most evident reason is meeting your personal and business needs separately. Your personal blog portfolio is very different from your professional blog. Therefore web hosting for multiple sites is an essential need.
Navicosoft is a leading and well competent web hosting service provider. We ensure that you host your site with perfection in every aspect of your business. Whether it is a matter of speed, uptime, or security, we provide the most secured plans with the best of everything.
If you are a website designer or a website developer, providing web hosting may seem like something out of the way. But it is not! These days clients full package deals. So they should know how to design, develop, deploy and provide maintenance to the website.
Shared Hosting for Multiple Sites:
It may seem very convenient and tempting to use shared hosting for multiple websites. Therefore web hosting companies advertise many shared hosting plans at very reasonable prices. The higher tier is often labeled to host more than a single website. Shared hosting is the cheapest web solution available, and there are hosting plans that facilitate you with multisite hosting.
Shared hosting is often seen to be the least desirable option because of its performance and security setbacks. Clients share the resources on a single server which can be problematic for some people. Hundreds of people are fighting for the same RAM, CPU, and bandwidth. Even if you have the processing power, it might not be available when you require it. Hence your account might end up hanging with all the resources, causing the website’s server to lag.
VPS Hosting for Multiple Sites
Compared with shared hosting, VPS plans are very efficient for handling multisite loads. This type of web hosting services addresses various inadequacies of shared hosting. VPS hosting plans come with best-guaranteed system resources, i.e., RAM, CPU, disk space, bandwidth. The performance is good enough since there are very users on the single server, and all are isolated from each other.
Hosting providers divide the physical server into several virtual instances that act as standalone server machines. A VPS account lets you create multiple accounts since it comes with a dashboard. Hence, it gives a high degree of control to the resource.
If you opt for a reseller VPS hosting plan, most web hosts include several helpful add-ons. They provide white label control panels so that you can build your own hosting brand keeping in touch with your provider.
Dedicated Hosting for Multiple Sites
Dedicated servers are often used as something specific. Under normal circumstances, they are costly since you will have to pay for an entirely exclusive machine. If you need large computing power on demand, it is the best option for you. Running a few websites on a single server reduces all the burden. In addition to this, a dedicated server hosting comes with other various benefits such as security along with extreme customizability.
The only problem you will is that of cost. While choosing a dedicated server, you will have to decide how many resources you require. Based on that, you can find either a normal server or a managed service where the web hosting services provider helps with initial setups.
Which Option to Pick for Hosting Multiple Sites
After analyzing all the pros and cons of all types of hosting for multiple websites, you can evaluate that there is no single solution that can work in all cases.
Shared hosting is a good choice for hosting multiple personal or small sites. You can easily benefit from the lower-cost service.
VPS hosting is an apt choice for almost all circumstances. It is the most efficient and cost-effective since you can scale up quickly when your websites grow.
Dedicated servers are the best option for multiple sites, especially with high traffic. It is usually expensive hence f you can justify the cost it is the best option for you.
Exceptional Web Hosting Services of Navicosoft!
Navicosoft being one of the best web hosting companies provides flexible hosting services according to user’s needs. We ensure to provide perfection in every aspect of your site. Whether you need dedicated hosting, shared hosting, VPS hosting, or reseller hosting, we offer all hosting plans with an incomparable hosting experience.

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