What Type Of Refrigerated Van Is Ideal For You?

When considering reefer vans, the first question that people ask is how to choose an ideal chilled vehicle? Well, the answer is very simple, explore and inquire. Exploring the different features and models and inquiring about their efficiency is essential to boost your business. A perfect van will surely help you expand your business and make your services reliable.

Whatever your business may be, all the perishable items require an appropriate temperature while transportation. So, a reefer van is highly beneficial to such dealers.

The right temperature for your goods

Different vans have different temperature ranges to suit your different products. For instance, if you are working in a beverages industry you would require a chiller van service provider in Dubai for appropriate temperature according to the requirements of the drinks. On the other hand, an ice cream business will demand a freezer van.  Therefore, you must know what your cargo needs and what temperature will be required to maintain the freshness of your product. Whether you need a temperature settings option in your refrigerated van or not? This should also be considered.

Various reefer van companies help out their customers in determining the temperature needs of their cargo.  However, some of the businesses that generally employ a refrigerated van are the following:

Refrigerated Van for Pharmaceutical companies

Pharmaceutical products require great care while transport. Medicines, samples, and medical equipment are included in the pharmaceutical category. A perfect vehicle for these products amasses multiple compartments, has a wider temperature range, and also has an emergency tie-up in the form of power. A refrigerated van that transports medical goods should be highly hygienic. If you desire to get customized features in your reefer van, do not hesitate to ask about them at the reefer van company.

Food and Catering businesses

Numerous food items require chilled temperatures to avoid spoilage. Some products need chillers while others depend upon freezers due to the lower temperature needs.

Usually, businessmen choose multiple compartment vehicles so that they can transfer many goods together. A multiple compartment vehicle allows more products with different temperatures needs to be transferred. Hence, making a larger shipment transit possible.

While moving an enormous cargo, make sure of the payload and select a van keeping in the mind the payload and assign a suitable van.

Fridge or Refrigerated Van, what is the difference?

A fridge and a freezer truck serve the same purpose, to prevent the spoilage of food and make their transport effortless. The main difference between the two is the temperature range and most importantly the thickness of insulation.

Cooler, Chiller, Reefer, or refrigerated vans are manufactured to furnish their contents cooler temperature over freezing point, i.e., zero to eight degrees Celsius. These contain a thin layer of insulation and also a refrigeration unit. Fruits, vegetables, beverages, poultry, dairy, and floral businesses use these vans.

Freezer vans have thicker insulation and maintain a temperature of -18°C or lower. Meat, ice cream is the products that are carried in this van.

However, if you have multiple items that require both types of vans, you need not hire two different vans, but a single van with dual compartments is available in the market. Such a van can save you money as well as time.

What is better leasing or purchasing?

It totally depends on you that what is better leasing or purchasing. As the main thing is your budget. A purchase of a brand new refrigerated van can be expensive and on the other hand renting can be an affordable option. However, renting is better in a way that you can experience new and updated vehicles whenever you require. Once your contract gets over you are free to hire any other van. But when you buy a van, shifting to another van can be a difficult process.

A refrigerated van is a great way to transfer your short-lived products safely to their destination maintaining the temperature as well as hygiene. Just be careful with the vehicle you select so that you don’t have to face any problem.

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