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What to do if we book wrong travel date by mistake?

What to do if we book the wrong travel date by mistake? Booking flight tickets is something to be done carefully and prudently to avoid any mistakes. Even a simple error can cost a lot and burn a hole in your already stretched budget. The airlines are not very accepting when you commit any such mistakes. You’ll end up paying a considerable amount of money, even if it’s a small change. Apart from that, you might have no other option than to go on with the wrong booking.

Such a mistake can alter your travel plans, change or even ruin them. For example, you booked Direct Flights To Hyderabad From USA for your family trip. But when you rechecked the booking, you mistakenly booked the departure date four days earlier. A mistake like this can cost a lot to change. Also, if you don’t want to spend more money, it can ruin your ten-day vacation to six days.

While it is essential to focus and carefully book the tickets, some mistakes are inevitable. You might wrongly spell the name or fill out the wrong dates; each of these can cost you dearly if not managed. There are some cases and tips where you might just slip away with no harm. Airlines may help you out if the error is a minor one and is detected early. Apart from that, many airlines are now offering no charge changes. It allows everyone to change their travel information free of cost and rectify their errors.

Let us discuss what you should do if you book the wrong travel dates:

Recheck the bookings

If you discover a mistake in the travel dates, go through the entire booking once again. Look for any other errors such as the names, time or any additional information.

It will help you catch any other mistakes in time and rectify them. You can work to change all the errors collectively if there are more of them. Also, if the booking has many errors, it would be wise to cancel and get a refund. Asking for more changes would cost you much more than making an entirely new booking.

Check with the online support.

If you booked the flights online with an application, you could easily find their support section. Check out the help section, and you can also chat with an online support executive. It is an easy and convenient option. They will analyze your situation and provide all the available solutions.

Taking the help of executives soon after the booking can save you a lot of money if the request isn’t processed yet. It is better to check the booking once completed and spot any errors. You can also email the company explaining your problem, and they’ll get in touch with the solutions.

Call up customer service.

You can find the airline’s customer service number easily. It will be available on the internet and the website of the airline. Call up the number and explain the changes to the executive.

They’ll help you change the bookings and list out all the possible step you can take. It will be one of the following options:

  • You can travel according to the new travel dates that you booked. It might hinder your plans, but it will cost nothing more. Adopt this option if you can manage the difference of a day or two.
  • Get a refund for the current booking and cancel it. If you booked a refundable ticket, it is better to cancel it. You’ll get back the money and use it to make another booking.
  • You can change the dates by paying fixed fees. You will have to pay the convenience and service charges of the airline as well. Apart from that, if the new ticket costs more than your current ones, you need to pay the difference. It is a costly affair but will help you get back on track with the itinerary.

Write to the airline.

A well-formed email can go a long way to help you. The airline staff will get back to you with the solutions and steps you can take. However, it is better to do this quickly as once the transaction is wholly processed, it will cost a lot.

There are many instances where the passengers had to pay just the service charges for a change. It is usually possible when the errors were caught early on and communicated to the airlines. If you spot an error, waste no time writing or calling the airline’s customer service.

When to cancel the booking

You can opt to cancel the booking in one of these cases:

  • You booked a fully refundable ticket. You’ll get your money back and get a new booking.
  • If you find a cheaper air ticket from some other airline flying on the dates you want, it is better to cancel.
  • If the changing and service fees are much more than what you’ll lose if you cancel, consider canceling it.

Follow all these tips to rectify your error of the wrong flight date. It will help you minimize the losses and bring the plan back to track. Your priority should be to be careful and fill in all the details correctly. For example, for Nonstop flights to mumbai from usa, make sure everything from your name to the travel dates is correct before paying.

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