What is the trade and marketing program like? What does a marketer do?

Trade and marketing frequently asked questions

Interested in trade and marketing, but can’t decide if it’s worth getting into? How hard is the university? What can you learn there? And how much money can you make with it at all? These questions were also formulated in me, so the situation is absolutely familiar. I knew almost nothing about marketing before I got into it. Did I regret it?


I couldn’t immediately decide if it was worth choosing a marketing major, so I could walk in shoes similar to yours now. I will give you an insight into the mysteries of marketing professionals so that you can more easily decide if the trade and marketing program is right for you.

Here’s a little taste of the most frequently asked questions:

What is marketing?

Marketing is a combination of several social sciences related to economics. Most of the time, though, we don’t think of it as a science, but as a corporate activity and profession.

What does a marketer do?

The task of marketing is to analyze the market, competitors, determine products and services, their prices, and influence customers in order to meet the needs of their customers to the maximum.

How Much is a Marketer Earning?

This “matrix” is very multi-factorial, but the average salary of a marketing assistant is approx. starts from HUF 250-300 thousand net. And the actual knowledge and professional experience throw a lot on the salary.

What does an economist do?

Among other things, economists analyze economic and social problems and review all options to find a solution to them.

To the best of my knowledge, I try to answer the questions on which I also think a lot. But it’s good to know: the answers below are highly subjective opinions. Let’s see!

What is the purpose of the trade and marketing program?

The purpose of the trade and marketing program is excellently articulated and compiled by the continuing education/admission pages. I don’t think I would be ahead if I copied to you one by one the same thing you can find on these pages anyway.

However, there is a bit of a problem with these summaries: namely, that you will only understand if you have already completed the course or at least see the training in progress. At least, starting from myself, I understood almost nothing from these descriptions. I think there are many more like this.


And traditional marketing really means that.

What qualifications do you have in trade and marketing?

Economics is qualified as a trade and marketing program, as are other similar programs. So you will officially become an economist if you complete the training, just as I became. English equivalent is an economist (in commerce and marketing).

If you are curious or different about marketing and management, click on the link!

What subjects are there in trade and marketing?

The subjects of commerce and marketing are the same in most universities, at least the basic subjects. Therefore, I tried to collect those that are most characteristic of the program – regardless of educational institutions.

You can count on these general subjects :

  • microeconomics,
  • macroeconomics,
  • international economics,
  • economic mathematics,
  • statistics,
  • business economics,
  • accounting,
  • finance,
  • corporate finance,
  • economic and commercial law,
  • leadership and organization,
  • logistics,
  • business communication,
  • consumer behavior
  • and, of course, there will be stuffing objects as well, such as philosophy.

These subjects can also be called foundation subjects, which provide comprehensive knowledge about the economy, the operation of the economy. You can learn different methods and models for the analysis of economic processes.

But let’s get to the point. You will encounter these specifically marketing items :

  • marketing,
  • marketing communication,
  • marketing research,
  • marketing management,
  • business marketing,
  • regional and settlement marketing,
  • international marketing,
  • Final expense leads
  • commercial marketing
  • and other specialized marketing subjects depending on the specialization, such as online marketing (more on this later).

A trade and marketing specialty buffet?

You can come across similar questions on many websites and forums

No, it’s not a buffet in commerce and marketing. Of course, if someone stumbles all over the university with a 2 and doesn’t put anything plus in it, they really won’t really be able to utilize their (non-existent) knowledge.

Otherwise, you can be very well placed in any area of ​​marketing. Just look at the date on those questions. Marketing has also been hit by the lobar market crisis, which means that it is starting to become a shortage profession, as companies that do not use marketing can find it very difficult to kick the ball these days.

This is well illustrated by the fact that more and more small businesses are using marketing services, but if nothing else, they are outsourcing their marketing to a marketing agency, of which there are also more and more nowadays.

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