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What is the Difference between IVF and Surrogacy?

The pregnancy period is a beautiful phase in anyone’s life. The excitant, wait, and all kinds of different feelings or emotions are unbeatable. While some mothers conceive automatically, other females find it difficult to get pregnant. Infertility Problem is a very common issue today. Many Couples are trying to concise IVF Treatment.

Due to infertility issues, it becomes challenging, and getting pregnant is reduced. But now, with the latest technology and advancements, it is possible to have babies even one of the partners has infertility issues. As an outcome, surrogacy and IVF are popular treatment options to conceive from another reproductive method.

Here we present you the difference between IVF and surrogacy.


IVF stands for in vitro fertilization method, where the fertilization of eggs and sperm occurs in the lab. However, the process starts with hormone therapy on the female body. The women are kept under observation with proper care and medicines until she produces the matured eggs.

The doctor extracts eggs and collects the sperms from the couples, mix them and leave them to fertilize on their own. The inner lining of the woman’s womb is prepared by hormone replacement therapy that manages pregnancy. This process is promoted for the development of the eggs within her ovary. This process facilitates the production of several embryos.

After the embryos are created, they are transferred into the women’s uterus for implantation after 3 to 5 fertilization. Pregnancy occurs if the process is performed accurately and the fallopian tube is attached with embryos.


While in the surrogacy procedure, the infertile couple hires a surrogate mother. Therefore, as the surrogate mother can’t carry the baby, a surrogate woman has the baby in her womb. In starting, the surrogate mother is not allowed to take the baby in her womb, but she can handle it with proper medications.

In the process, the eggs are taken from the original mother at the right time and implanted in the surrogate women’s womb with man sperms. If the male partner is infertile, it is taken from another donor. After delivery, the surrogate mother signs an agreement to give her baby to the original parents. However, the genetically baby is of the original parents. The surrogacy process occurs when the female uterus can’t conceive or is removed due to some serious medical issue.

Surrogacy is always an emotional journey for couples because both the parents are emotionally attached to the baby. Clear communication must be done among the surrogate and couples.

Moreover, the parents need to understand that their baby’s requirements are much more significant than who carries the child. In some cases, the surrogate mother is not emotionally attached since she takes a baby, leading to complications and pain; hence, transparency between them is mandatory.

Difference between IVF and Surrogacy

The leading difference between surrogacy and IVF is that the fertilized eggs are implanted in the womb of the surrogate woman, and she carries the baby for nine months. Still, the egg is fertilized outside the mother’s womb in the IVF process. Whether surrogacy or IVF, it brings a smile to a couple’s faces.

Moreover, there are numerous fertility centers in India, and they can help you select the proper treatment according to women’s reproductive health. Therefore before deciding on any treatment option, consult with a gynecologist to choose the correct treatment option. There is nothing wrong with this process; even you can discuss it with those parents who opted for this treatment.

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Dr.Rashmi Praasd

Dr. Rashmi Prasad is a well known name in the field Infertility and Gynecology with a special focus on infertility. She has more than 20+ Years of working experience as Associate Director and Fertility Specialist Doctor at Diwya Vatsalya Mamta Fertility Centre. She specializes in Gynecological Laparoscopic Surgery, IVF Treatment

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