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What Is The Definition Of A Transfer Of Equity, And Why Would I Require It?

A Transfer of Equity defines a change in the legal ownership of the property, delivered that it is strong-minded that at the very least, one owner remains.

Transfer deed of house occurs when a person or persons are added to or removed from the title of the land or property, altering the title of ownership for the property in a legal sense.

Transfers of Equity can occur for a variety of reasons, with the most popular being:

  •         Who is getting married or cohabiting and wants to add a new name to the deeds for the home?
  •         divorce and wish the transfer of property in joint name to sole ownership (perhaps when one of the                    parties buys the shares in the name of another)
  •         giving away an amount of property, possibly in the context of planning an inheritance

Tax planning

When Someone Dies

It is crucial to remember that the term transfer of ownership of property, refers to the cash value of the property, which is the amount less any loan on it (e.g. mortgage). This means, for instance, that the transfer of Equity is 60% means 60 percent of the Equity (value-mortgage); however, it is not 60 percent of the value of the entire property.

Transfers of Equity may be simple, especially when there is no mortgage; however, they can be more complicated if there’s a mortgage attached to the property. 

In addition, when removing an individual from the title, they transfer their liability to the owners who remain who own the house. 

The fees that may be a part of equity transfer:

  •         Conveyancing Fees
  •         Mortgage Administration Fees
  •         Mortgage search costs
  •         Land Registry Fee

Stamp Duty Land Tax

If you’re transferring the Equity of a leasehold home, the freeholder may be required to pay an administrative fee.

The Equity Redemption And The Law Of Mortgages

Mortgages require the payment of the loan at the specified date. Failure to pay back the loan by the due date meant that the legal rights of the mortgagor in severing the rights of the mortgagee had been lost for good, and further the mortgagee was able to claim reimbursement of its loan.

This was not a matter of the equity court, and the courts came up with rules that the mortgagor had the right to pay back the mortgage back the mortgage debt as well as all interest due on it at any time prior to the mortgagee being sold or was foreclosed. It has caused a huge impact on homebuyers as opposed to the regularity of rental homes.

The mortgagor’s right to redeem his mortgage after expiration date constitutes his option to save. However, since the beginning of the mortgage the mortgagor possesses an equitable interest referred to as Equity of Redeem.

This Interest Is A Set Of Equitable Rights That Include The Redemption Right.

Law Of Mortgages

Mortgages are a kind of security that guarantees the payment of loaned money. The mortgagor (Borrower) will be the one who sells the property as security. Mortgagee is the person who acquires an investment in property.

The reason why mortgages are important is that, if the borrower is unable to pay the mortgage loan the lender will have the power, under the mortgage, to realise what the loaned asset is worth and pay himself from the profits.

The Mortgagor is entitled to two rights to redeem his property:

1.) The contractual right at the date stated in the deed,

2.) The right of the equitable to redeem the loan upon the payment of the principal and interest of the loan accrued interest and charges and fees, and providing an appropriate notification to mortgagee.

This is not effective until you have the legal right (the prerogative of the mortgagor) to redeem, at the date stipulated in the mortgage, has expired. This method of limiting the right of redemption in an equitable manner and giving the lender a charge easy is referred to as foreclosure.


A foreclosure ends to the right of redemption in equity and, consequently, eliminates an equity to redeem. This means that the right to foreclose cannot occur until the legal date for redemption has expired and only then will that equitable rights – that is the one that suffers in a foreclosure lawsuit to be referred to as the victim in a foreclosure action.

The process may begin after the date of the legal requirement has expired, however, in actual practice foreclosure actions are generally not initiated until when a default occurs that would justify the need to sell. Although the issue of frequency isn’t an issue, it can influence rental properties positively. As a result, rent revenue is higher for some property owners.

Further Notes

While you can transfer of property ownership from joint to single to someone younger than 18 years of age, as the person is not 18 years old, they are legally not able to own the property. 

The trust deed will identify the trustee to hold the property until the beneficiary of the transfer reaches the age of 18 and can legally take possession of the Equity.

Although you can execute an equity transfer without a lawyer’s help, the process is complex, especially in situations that involve separation or divorce, and we recommend that you get legal advice from an independent source.

It is crucial to make sure you have registered the home correctly in the Land Registry. An understanding of requirements from the mortgage company is essential as well.

Seven Important Motives to Find a Solicitor For Your Own Personal Well Being

What can you gain from the services of a solicitor? There are many ways than ever before an attorney can help meet the legal requirements of you and your family or business.

The first step is to decide what you require to have legal assistance. Once you have that, you will most likely find a trustworthy lawyer worth the cost and who can help resolve any problem you encounter.

Here are seven good areas that you can consider when searching for an attorney:

1. Wills and Probate

Wills are the final living testament to a person’s life that is to be administered upon the person’s death. The majority of people safeguard their family by writing a will before this time so that their grieving process can be smoother and swiftly allow for healing.

2. Debt and Insolvency

In reality, debt is the term used to describe the costs one faces in both the financial and personal areas of their life. Insolvency states the inability to pay one own debts.

In the business world, it can occur in two different ways: cash flow insolvency or the inability to pay off debts when they are due and the bankruptcy of the balance sheet, where assets exceed liabilities. Find a lawyer with expertise in these areas, and you’ll help your company and yourself avoid lots of hassles.

3. Equity Release

One particularly appealing option for seniors who do not wish to give up large estates is to take part in equity release. Property tax planning for child lets one keep the property and ensure a steady stream of income based on the value of the property’s capital. 

4. Accident Litigation

Accidents can be a challenging area of law, particularly when a fault isn’t determined using simple methods. Locate a lawyer who can help you with the concerns arising from accidents. 

5. Family Law

Family problems arise every day.  Who will oversee the assets in the event of an untimely death of a family member when there is no will in place?

Family law lawyers can deal with complicated issues families face, including death and divorce. Find a lawyer with expertise in this field and alleviate the stress these problems create.

6. Employment Advice

Yes, a transfer of equity solicitors can assist you with employment advice. Find a lawyer who can help you with employment-related concerns, and you’ll be ready for issues like dismissals or sexual harassment, unfair practices and more.

7. Conveyancing

Choose a lawyer who will guide you through all the complicated scenarios that law can provide and you’ll not regret the impacts it can have upon your daily life.


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