What is the Best Way to Cook Hot Dog?

Hot Dog Boxes

Hot dogs are a popular food item that is loved in America. It is one of the most favorite snacks of Americans. It is quite filling and is a typical street food found in New York and all over America. We will also be talking about the best way to cook hot dogs and package the hot dogs in the best hot dog boxes. It is grilled food, which is delicious and mouth-watering. A sausage is wrapped in a thin slice of the bun, and various kinds of sauces are added to it. This post will tell you about how this sausage dish got the name hot dog.

Why is it called a hot dog?

The history of the name of a hot dog dates back a century ago. There was a cartoonist whose name was T.A. Dorgan (TAD). Once at a baseball game, he drew an exciting cartoon that gave the name hot dog to this delicious street food.

There is a legend behind the name of the hot dog. TAD went to watch a baseball game held at the Polo Grounds in New York, United States. Centuries back in the year 1901, TAD listened to some food sellers’ loud sounds at the ground, and they were yelling the name of a food item. TAD was sitting in the press and was watching the game. The vendors’ loud yelling caught his interest, and he drew a cartoon that had vendors standing at the food stalls at the soccer ground. The vendors were yelling and saying this phrase, ‘Get your dachshund sausages while they are red hot!’

TAD noticed the scene at the ground, and the next day he drew a cartoon to depict the scene that he had seen at the ground. He drew a cartoon where the vendors were scene screaming at the Polo Grounds. While drawing the scene, he could not know how to spell the word ‘dachshund.’ He couldn’t write dachshund and wrote ‘hot dogs.’ The cartoon became so popular, and the word dachshund sausages were replace with hot dogs forever. To this date, the delicious and mouth watering food that contains sausages and buns is called a hot dog. There are not many people who know the story behind this interesting name but we have gathered all the details for you.

What is the best way of cooking a hot dog?

Here are some excellent and easy ways of cooking hot dogs:


Grilling happens to be one of the most common methods of cooking a hot dog. The process may be a little dangerous, but the intense heat and smoke coming out from the barbeque will give it the best taste. Real aroma and smell will be all around the area where the grilling of hot dogs is happening. It is hard to beat the cravings when you have it grilled near your location. It will depend on your taste whether you like the skinless sausage or like it with skin. For professionals, flipping one side to the other is easy, but it may seem like a difficult task for a beginner.


If you plan to make a hot dog at home, baking at home will be a good idea. The hot dogs are freshly baking at 180C, and after that, you can cook it a bit on the hot grill. You will be surprised to see that the taste will be authentic. Ensure that you keep the moisture retained as much as possible, so the hot dog loses the flavor.

Steaming and deep-frying

Steaming may not be the first thing on your mind when you think about cooking sausages. However, it isn’t a bad idea either and commonly used by many people. You can boil the sausages in water and fry them in simple oil or butter later on, and it will be ready to serve. Deep frying is another good option for cooking the perfect sausages for dinner. The crispiness of the hot dog will remain intact during the frying.

Hot dog boxes for keeping hot dogs fresh

Hot dog boxes are a perfect packaging option for keeping the quality of hot dogs intact. When fresh hot dogs are deliver to people, they will frequently purchase from the same restaurant. Mostly the custom boxes for packing hot dogs are made of Kraft or cardboard. Kraft material is prevalent in the food industry as it prevents the food from getting soggy and keeps it warm. Health-conscious people will purchase from a brand only if they offer quality hot dogs, or else they will move to other options. Sturdy hot dog packaging becomes even more critical if you are a prominent brand trying to promote the brand for getting consistent sales and revenue.

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