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What Is the Best Wallpaper of Office Walls

7 Trendy Wallpapers for Adding Life to Office Walls

Office: There is no doubt about it, installing wallpaper is a huge undertaking. This task demands your attention because it’s possible that you would get tired of looking at the walls over time. 

Wallpapers can breathe life into a dull and boring atmosphere. When you can’t afford a coat of fresh paint, wallpaper comes to the rescue.

I was doing some research on smart home security systems and accidentally stumbled upon cool wallpaper designs for the office. There is a broad array of patterns available from standard stripes to eye-catching florals. Yes, they are perfectly suited for office walls as well. This made me realize there is more than one way of decorating the office walls. You can cover all four walls in the same print or you can go for accent walls/patterns in unconventional places like the ceiling.

Let’s check out the peel and stick options out there:

1: Maze Wallpaper 

A maze wallpaper features a geometric angular pattern, resembling that of a maze featuring a pale taupe backdrop. You can place it in your office for displaying books or offering extra seating.

2: Mural Wallpaper

Mural walls are a mood changer. You can choose any type of image for the mural really, such as stacked bookshelves, outer space scenes, magnificent skylines, or anything else that resonates with your office culture. 

Murals can be colorful, rugged, minimalist, or rustic. They create a harmonious atmosphere and even inspire.

3: Storied Wallpaper

As the name implies, with this type of wallpaper, you can add a personal touch to the walls. For instance, if your organization is a strong advocate of environmental health, choose wallpapers related to environmental health.

4: Neutral Wallpaper

Neutral wallpapers are those that can stand the test of time. They are simple, feature a neutral palette and a subtle pattern. The designs could be colored or embossed. 

Neutral colors are long known for establishing a subdued elegance. They also have the power to add a hint of personality into the room and make it feel easy. These patterns could also be refined or have a subtle texture that makes the room feel relaxed and friendlier. Neutral colors like these also accent furniture and other aspects of a space.

5: Pared-Back Wallpaper

Pared black is an antidote of bold and bright. It is all about embracing the idea of slow living by subtly introducing gentle color palettes and adding rustic finishes into space for a relaxed and laid-back vibe. 

It’s a great idea to create an oasis of cooler shades with accents of deep-sea blue and aquamarine. This would create an illusion of tranquility.

6: Rippled Wallpaper

If floral and stripes are not your thing, just spice up your office walls with a rippled design. For instance, go for a teal and white palette with a matte black accent.

7: Multicolored Wallpaper

A multicolored wallpaper gives you the opportunity of mixing something ordinary with high style. This type of wallpaper is not for everyone. If you are the type of person who can’t settle for a single palette, this one’s for you.

Considerations Before Choosing a Wallpaper 

Office wallpaper can’t be selected on the basis of your favorite color or pattern. It’s important to consider factors such as what your office is used for and the type of work you do. Here are some tips to help you out in the selection:

  • If the type of work you do requires inspiration, creativity, and imagination, then you want your environment to reflect your creativity and imagination. Here, bold colors or funky patterns would make for an excellent choice. 
  • If your office is for children (for instance, you are a pediatrician) then you look for a wallpaper that is washable. Children like to stand physically while they are waiting for their appointment. They also like to get their sticky fingers everywhere. 
  • Those who work in cubicles are often stuck with plain and uninspiring walls. Go for something bold. Create an environment that you would be comfortable working in. An environment accentuated with tropical patterns could look great.


Use your creativity. Go for something both practical and inspiring. The worst thing is to end up choosing a design you and your team are unhappy with. Hence there’s no harm in taking your team’s opinions when choosing a wallpaper.

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