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Computers and Technology


Phishing is a cyberattack, done in an attempt to steal your personal information like credit card details, bank details etc. It is usually done through emails. Fake emails persuade you to take an action so that scammers can get a chance to get your personal information. AGR Technologies Inc. offers the best computer support Worcester MA that helps you to protect yourself from such attacks.


Anyone who uses internet are at risk of the attack. It has become more dangerous over the years because the tactics have evolved immensely. The scammers try to infect your device, steal your personal information and even gain control of your online accounts. It is very important to be alert all the time you go through your emails. Try not to click or open the suspicious emails. The moment you open that email, they can convince you to take further actions. Let’s look at some ways to protect yourself from the attack.

  1. Educate your employees about the attacks.
  2. Act sensibly and cautiously while working on the internet.
  3. It an email looks suspicious, do not open it!
  4. Always browse securely with https.
  5. Keep your system updated with security software.

Business owners can give this responsibility to IT support companies that help you with all your IT needs. We are capable to fulfill all your IT needs through our IT support Shrewsbury. IT is an important part of any business and managing it alone is difficult and expensive. Even if you have a separate IT department in your company, it involves unnecessary expenditure. Whereas IT support is very cost-effective and works like your own IT department. With us as your IT partner, you can be free of IT related stress. You can also contact us for Laptop and computer support an support Worcester MA.

Some tips to identify a Phishing email-

  • Attachments
  • Links
  • Spelling errors
  • Poor grammar
  • Improper graphics and content
  • Urgency to verify your email address
  • Greetings like “Dear Customer” instead of name

It is advised to always delete such email without opening it and never open or download the attachments. You can also block the sender.

Phishing emails are common but there are many other types of phishing too-

  • Voice phishing (Vishing)- Scammers calls you and tries to convince you to take an action.
  • SMS phishing (Smishing)- Short text message is sent to you using urgency to persuade you to click on the link or phone number provided.
  • Social Media Phishing- You can receive direct messages in your social media accounts that are meant to attack your personal information.
  • Domain spoofing- These scams take real company’s domain address and modify it to convince you that they are the real ones so that you can become their victim easily.
  • Clone phishing- It clones the real message that was sent earlier with attachments replaced with malicious ones.

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Most importantly, contact the professional support company that can help you with safe malware removal and installation. It is always important to take help from professionals because most of the antivirus protection available do not always give a hundred percent security. AGR Technologies Inc. also provides desktop support  Shrewsbury. You can always contact us for all your computer-related problems.

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