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What Is Brain Tumor, Causes And Symptoms ?

What exactly is a brain tumor?

A tumor is numerous tissues that contain numerous abnormal cells. System units often become outdated, disappear, and new units are often replaced. In cancer and other tissues, certain things can interfere with the cycle. Even if the human body does not need the tumor cells, it will grow, and unlike normal cells, it will not die. As this process continues, as more and more cells are added to the mass, the tumor continues to grow.
What is the difference between dangerous and malignant brain tissue? What Is Brain Tumor Causes And Symptoms ?

Undamaged brain tissue is usually free of cancer.

The most dangerous brain tissue are cancers that start in the brain and tend to grow faster than harmful tissue and attack the surrounding tissues. Brain tissue does not normally spread to other internal organs but spreads to other parts of the brain outside the central nervous system.

Cancer in brain tissue is more common in men than women. Non-cancerous scalp and undiagnosed tissue are more common in women male druid names

Causes of brain tissue:

The cause of brain tumors is usually unknown. We know they are not infected. It is impossible to detect a brain tumor in an infected person.

Brain tumors are rare. In the UK, an estimated 9,400 people are diagnosed with brain tumors from the brain or central nervous system (CNS) or the skull (skull) each year. About half of these people have (malignant) cancerous growths.

Cancer has spread to the brain from elsewhere
Second (metastatic) tissue is cancer that spreads to other parts of the body and then spreads (metastasize) to the brain.
People with a history of cancer tend to have second brain tissue. However, in rare cases, metastatic brain tissue may be the first sign of cancer in other parts of the body.

Any cancer can spread to the brain, but the most common types are:

Breast cancer
Colonial cancer
Kidney cancer
Lung cancer

Symptoms of brain tumors

The symptoms of brain tumors depend on the type and location of the tumor. The location of the tumor affects the best way to improve symptoms because different parts of the brain control different body functions.
Some tissues do not fit before they grow,

after which they can cause a rapid and rapid decline throughout life. Some tissues may have persistent symptoms.

The first common sign of brain tissue is headaches. In most cases, they are unable to respond to standard headache treatment. Remember, most of the head is not connected to the brain tissue.

What Is Brain Tumor Causes And Symptoms ?

Other symptoms include:

Changes in speech or hearing
Appearance change
Problem balance
Travel problem
Stiffness and itching in the arms and legs
Memory problem
Personality change
Unable to concentrate
Probably a physical weakness
It is important to know that these symptoms can be caused by many conditions. Do not assume that you have a brain tumor simply because you are exposed to a lot of brain tissue. Please consult your doctor.

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