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What are the Valid Reasons for Indian Students to Study MBBS in Russia?

About Russia

There are numerous reasons to study MBBS in Russia, but first, let us look at some interesting facts about the country. Russia is known for its innovative and strong educational system. Russia has the highest literacy rate on the planet, at 99.6 percent. Russia attracts a large number of international students, especially those who want to study MBBS in Russia, due to its high educational quality and cost-efficiency. Their educational standards are comparable to those in Europe. Furthermore, Russian universities are known for evolving over time and updating their curricula on a regular basis in response to new developments.

Why Should You Choose Russia to Study MBBS?

Any medical student’s dream is to study MBBS in Russia, which has world-class medical universities and attracts students from all over the world, including India. Above all, the MCI (Medical Council of India) recognizes and accepts the degree, making it a common option among Indian students interested in studying medicine in Russia. MBBS is the abbreviation for Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery. Furthermore, it is widely regarded as the most prestigious course available to medical students.

Some of the Important Reasons to Study MBBS in Russia are Given Below –

  1. Low Tuition Fee and Low Living Cost

Compared to Indian universities, Russian universities have a lower and more accessible fee structure for studying MBBS. The annual salary ranges from 4 lakhs to 8 lakhs. Furthermore, the cost of living is fair.

  1. No Entrance Exam Is Needed For Admission

There are no entrance exams required for Indian students wishing to study MBBS in Kursk State Medical University (KSMU). Students are admitted based on their results in Higher Secondary Education (HSE).

  1. MCI (Medical Council of India) Screening Test

Since students studying MBBS in Russia are qualified for the MCI (Medical Council of India) Screening Test, they are able to practice in India for free.

  1. Scholarships

Every year, Russia offers a range of free tuition opportunities to international students who wish to pursue MBBS through scholarships. Students who want to study MBBS in Russia can get dual diplomas through joint programs with other international universities after signing the Bologna declaration.

  1. Facilitate the Adaptation of International Students

Russia is the home of many races who speak more than 100 different languages. It attracts students from all over the world. Therefore, students who choose to study MBBS in Russia will experience a diverse and multicultural environment.

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  1. Advanced and Comfortable

In terms of advanced equipment, science centers, and high-quality learning facilities, Russia is comparable to top Western universities. In addition, Russian universities offer cheap accommodation in their dormitories.

  1. Study in the English Language

For Russian students, studying MBBS in Russia is a good choice, because most universities use the English language as the language of instruction.

  1. World-Recognized Degrees

The UNESCO (the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization), the WHO (World Health Organization), the MCI (Medical Council of India), the COE (Council of Europe), and other authorized institutions have recognized MBBS’s degree from a Russian university worldwide. Therefore, studying MBBS in Russia has become a popular choice among students.

  1. The Infrastructure of the Highest Calibre

Russian universities provide students with cutting-edge technology and first-rate facilities.

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