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What Are The Techniques to Use For Packaging in E-Commerce?

E-Commerce is a new norm in the present world after the pandemic when everyone loves online shopping. Some people think that packaging has become secondary after the introduction of online shopping. It is true only to some extent, as generally, the buyers cannot be influenced by packaging. However, packaging will remain relevant for centuries because even in E-Commerce shopping, everyone wants the products to be delivered in excellent packaging. More interestingly, the manufacturers need to be more careful here that they need to keep products intact until they deliver the products on the doorstep. Here, the value of protection by using quality materials is more important. So, we can easily say that Ecommerce packaging is one of the most important areas in the packaging industry. So, if you pay it the attention it deserves, you can offer customers a personalized experience to retain them. This personalization becomes more significant when your buyers are CBD product lovers. These people trust the brand and recognize you through packaging. So, if they are out for buying CBD pills, they try to find out CBD pills packaging of their favorite brand. They try not to take risks and change branding.

To offer this type of customer, you need the perfect packaging to make it functional but according to the customers’ needs. On the other hand, packaging should address the product. It means that the packaging must be according to the product.

Aspects to consider when choosing e-commerce packaging

Packaging is the first physical contact with your customer. Do you worry about their order? Do you want to convey a memorable brand image? To address all these concerns, you should have a series of essential elements that you should pay attention to. It helps choose the perfect packaging for your online store.

Kind of Product

Generally, some factors should be in your mind as an online business. These are the type of product you send, the quantity, and the frequency of shipments. On many occasions, tailor-made solutions are needed for each product or other more flexible ones that can be adapted to most of your shipments. The packaging must be of a suitable size for the content, and it is important to avoid overpackaging.

If you ship with weights that exceed 8 kg, it will be convenient to use double-channel flap boxes. In this way, the product will have greater protection, and breakage during transport will be avoided. On the other hand, if the product does not exceed this weight, it is advisable to use single-channel boxes.


The size of the object also matters a lot in the case of shipping. Therefore, selecting the most appropriate packaging volume is necessary. The reason is that you can give the required shape to packaging boxes only when you exactly know the size. Think about whether it will be necessary to include additional packaging inside or whether you will need special instructions during transport. In many cases, it is convenient to manufacture custom cardboard boxes to save on other logistics costs.


In online stores, it is necessary to guarantee the protection of the products and their safety. For this reason, the packaging you choose must protect the product, not break on the way, not cause damage to the articles they contain and withstand movement and shocks.

Also, use inner padding to ensure that the product does not move inside the packaging. If it has corners, cross boxes or corner pieces will protect it better. In addition, the seal you choose should also be the one that provides greater security.


Today’s consumers are very environmentally conscious, which is why they greatly appreciate that recycled cardboard is used in shipments and that they are also respectful of the environment. It is important that you use the right amount of filler, that it does not make dirt, that there are no plastics, and that the materials are compostable or recyclable.

If you choose paper fillers, they can be reused, just like the box. In this way, the shipment will be protected and will be cleaner and more ecological. The challenge for packaging producers lies in achieving the same resistance and quality with second-generation materials that reduce the carbon footprint.


Personalized packaging is an important factor in gaining customer loyalty. The story of personalization does not end after including the logo. It is also necessary to add more interesting information or promotional messages about the made or future purchases. It is more important for sensitive products like CBD products. On custom CBD boxes in USA, you must provide required information to the customers to keep them updated about the benefits and warnings. Adding stamps or types of vinyl are some very simple forms of personalization.

Ultimately, purchases do not end with the payment of the order, but when the customer receives their product. For this reason, careful packaging for e-commerce that protects the product is very important to build a good relationship with customers and gain loyalty.


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