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What are the most popular massages to treat back pain?

Popular massages to treat back pain

Now and then, athletes face excruciating back pain due to over exhaustion and inevitable injuries. They have to undergo sports injury for lower back pain treatment in Lewisville, TXto heal. There is a combination of physical therapies that athletes can use to get rid of the back pain as soon as possible.

Sometimes, it is a series of different mini activities planned by the therapists to cure the back pain, while other times, it is the complete rest. Whichever direction the therapy goes, the massage treatments are always a part of sports injury for lower back pain treatment in Lewisville, TXDifferent types of massage therapies are included in the back pain treatment massage therapy in Lewisville, TXBut some of the most popular and effective back pain massage therapy is mentioned below-

  1. Trigger Massage Therapy

The trigger massage therapy closely resembles deep tissue massage, but the trigger massage focuses on the trigger points, unlike the other massages. There are moments in sports where an athlete’s back is black and blue on one side due to an injury. Under those circumstances, therapists focus on healing the trigger point instead of focusing on the complete lower back area. Therefore, trigger massage therapy is trigger-oriented. It focuses on alleviating the pain and releasing the tension points from the lower back.

  1. The quadratus lumborum (QL) muscle massage

The Quadratus Lumborum Muscle Massage, otherwise known as the QL muscle, is spread throughout the back area. It is present in layers of muscle and is responsible for bending backward or arching your back. Over time the QL muscle gets stiff and tired, which will cause a problem in doing the basic workout. Therefore, athletes need to pay visits to the therapists for QL massage regularly. In the QL muscle massage, the muscle is stretched and massaged in a circular motion that reduces stiffness and decreases fatigue.

  1. Myofascial Massage therapy

The fascia is a thin layer of connective tissues that run through the body. It acts as a protective barrier and connector for the tissue. The fascia faces the maximum impact when the athletes are injured. So, athletes need to get a myofascial massage now and then. The therapist focuses on removing the trigger from the myofascial massage therapy. It is similar to trigger massage therapy, but the impact is broader as the fascia is spread throughout the body.

  1. The Sports Massage Therapy

Sports massage therapy is one of the holistic approaches towards curing all types of sports-related injuries. Athletes take this massage routinely as sports massage therapy is designed as per the needs of different sports. It also relives the injuries like muscle tension, pain, anxiety, and lower back pains.


Other massages like deep tissue massage and Swedish massage prove effective in treating back pain. Massage therapy is a very effective form of therapy that does not involve the intake of any drug. If anyone is suffering from back pain, they can visit the centers for back pain treatment massage therapy in Lewisville, TX.

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