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What Are The Different Types Of Roofing Companies?

You must have researched roofs, roof types, roofers, and roofing systems. You might now know that you won’t be able to install a roof all by yourself if you don’t have the knowledge or area of expertise. It is not a one-person job and takes a lot of time to install roofs. Now, not every type of roofer can install any kind of roof. There are mainly three types of roofing contractors, and we have mentioned them below. 

Types of Roofing Company:

1. Specific companies:

Roofing contractors are differentiated sometimes. A roofing company can be residential or commercial, but it can go beyond that sometimes. This is an advantage for the owner of the property who researched what roof type they want. 

If you have decided what type of roof you want, you can find a roofing company specializing in that roofing system. Suppose you have decided to install a metal roof or spray polyurethane foam. You can look for contractors who either specialize in metal roofing systems or spray polyurethane foam roofing systems.

2. Commercial roofers: 

The concentration of commercial roofing contractors is on more significant buildings that are over 5000 sq. ft. They prefer to install flat or low-slope roofs. They specialize in large roofing buildings because they consist of a considerable staff, which means that if the roofers work as a team, they can finish a project sooner. 

You have to choose a roofing company based on the size of your roof. So, if you want to install a roof for buildings, you can select a commercial roofing contractor. You can choose a contractor nearby. If you select a roofing company far away from your location, they will charge a lot of money. 

Commercial roofing contractors take up huge projects economically. These contractors install roof types like metal, single-ply, silicone roof coatings, or spray polyurethane roofing systems.

3. Residential companies:

The concentration of this specific type of roofing company is on shingle work in rural areas. Shingles are the roof types that most roofers install in residential roofs. A metal roof would not look as sober as a shingle roof. The Shingle roof brings out elegance to the interior of the house. 

Due to its aesthetics, residential roofing contractors prefer shingles. You can have different designs by installing a shingle roof because of its sophisticated style. Residential awnings are either high-sloped or low-sloped. 

Residential roofing contractors can finish the work quickly because these contractors are always around local residential areas. The cost of residential roofing projects is around $5,000 – $20,000. The roof is sometimes under 5,000 square feet and within 50 miles of the roofing contractor.


As you have heard that shingles and other kinds of roofs are tough to install, you have to reach out to professional roofers to get help to install them. These were the main types of roofing companies that we shortlisted. There are other types of roofs that you can pair with gutter accessories to decorate your home. If you don’t have the experience to install a roof, do it yourself, as it can be dangerous and lead to accidents and bodily injury.


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