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What are the benefits of integrating drapes software ERP with wholesale distribution?

Using drapes software can no longer be considered an expenditure for large businesses but must be relooked as an essential business entity for all wholesale businesses. A dedicated drapes software online gives wholesalers the leverage to meet dynamic client needs for varying item inventories, supply chain changes, channel disintermediation while overseeing margins and marked down selling costs. 

With an agile ERP framework, you can integrate business-specific apps such as blinds pricing software for business. Along with incorporating all business procedures of every department into one coordinated framework. It will give the key decision-makers visibility and authority over the supply chain. Helps in customer service management, inventory management, personnel management, marketing and sales, packaging, and transportation. 

Real-time business intelligence

blinds pricing software will give you pricing estimates based on studying demand and supply, past purchase history, and anticipated trends that will help you develop an effective pricing model. Timely and accurate business intelligence helps in forecasting demand and generating supply. So, the wholesaler can be prepared with knowledge of what variety of blinds or shades to have in stock and what not and which models can be taken off the market. They can even identify new markets and expand their venture to new territories based on the business forecast. 


The drapes software online can give access to wider markets via the eCommerce platform. A custom ERP for drapes software and blinds pricing software for businesses can help update and maintain its eCommerce account to display its catalog and generate orders. A link to the secure payment gateways, orders placed online, and payments made directly to the business account. With eCommerce, regular clients can generate an order online without making calls and sending purchase requests. Other features such as automated bill generation, options to view purchase history, order tracking, adjusting current orders, viewing installment data, etc. 

Streamlined Inventory management

With automated access to stock administration tools and paperless exchanges. All the relevant departments can view the stock levels in the warehouse and dispatch situation. Furthermore, you can add plug-ins such as GPS. With this GPS, you can track and view the status of individual inventory. When the moment it is manufactured and packed in the factory. Then, stored in the warehouse to be dispatched and delivered to the client. This software gives control of the entire process of supply chain and inventory management and simplifies the processes.

Better purchase order management

You can reduce costs and improve associations with suppliers with automation and central dealing with purchase orders worldwide. For example, complex to-pay forms can be filled using saved data. The items can be incorporated, orders and endorsements can be made. And buy orders can be converted. Apart from this, a drapes software ERP can also give alerts on depletion of stock and prompt you to place buy orders, acquire stock, and generate invoices. 

Pricing and shipping

The blinds pricing software for business also offers options to compare and pay that lists the prices offered by different suppliers, allowing customers to make an informed decision before placing an order. Commercial businesses such as hotels or offices like to purchase their drapes and shades directly from the wholesaler in bulk. Their interior designers will have specifications that will require special limited edition manufacturing. With the blinds pricing software, you can calculate the best prices after considering overheads and discounts to give a quotation. Based on the market 

If you are a small wholesaler or adopt the drapes software ERP with simple business-relevant modules such as blinds pricing software and other relevant models, and as your business grows, add more modules to the ERP.

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