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Welcome to The Digital Age of Enchantment

Magicians are inventing digital illusions, complicated tricks, and innovative new apps as a result of technological advancements.

Magic is also a subject of study in science labs and universities, resulting in a variety of developments.

Magic is now a subject of research at science labs and universities, leading to breakthroughs such as professional magician-specific apps.

Researchers at Queen Mary University in London, for example, taught the computer to generate magic tricks by giving it an outline of a magic jigsaw puzzle, card tricks. And mind-reading. It’s also fed the results of studies into how the human mind processes these techniques.

The technology then generates new variations that a magician can perform.

One of Rahul Kharbanda’s most popular routines involves a soft drink bottle and a technology such as an iPad, and the audience always gasps.

Kharbanda, who calls himself an iPad magician, lays the bottle on the screen, presses it inwards, and the bottle vanishes into the iPad in the blink of an eye. To thunderous applause, he then pulls it out of the screen and places it back on top.

KeelanLeyser, a digital street magician from Las Vegas, stuns shoppers at a lifestyle store with his brand of digital street magic. He shows them things on a website, such as nail polish and pens.

And then takes the ones they want off the computer and places them in their hands. Matt, his colleague, performs in another performance.

Leyser, who has performed in over 60 countries and on television series such as Masters Of Illusion in the United States.

Develops stage presentations using gadgets and technology ranging from iPads. Virtual reality, holograms, drones, and robotics, according to an article on his website.

Gone are the days when magic meant plucking a rabbit from a hat or having an assistant lie down on top of standing swords—or.

At the very least, performing a Houdini-style disappearing performance.

Predictions are emailed to unsuspecting audience members instead of being displayed as handwritten notes at the most basic level. Magicians can break your phone code or vanish from the stage into a screen at an expert level.

Kharbanda frequently performs his own version of a traditional card trick. “Usually, when a member of the audience suggests a card, the magician pulls that card from someone else’s pocket.

I deliver things in a unique way. When I’ve decided on a card. I toss the deck into the iPad, which rotates until the correct card appears “he declares. The change to technology is unavoidable for illusionists like Kharbanda.

“In such a circumstance, digital technology provides a natural connection with the audience. As well as that wow factor,” adds the author “he declares

To be a skilled illusionist, however, you must first learn the principles of classical magic. Kharbanda began his career as an assistant to his father, Ashok Kharbanda, who moved to Delhi from Kolkata, India, in 1982.

“Because I was a part of his big illusions, the principles were crystal obvious to me. However, I was looking for a way to make it stand out. As a result, my brother Sumit, who is also an illusionist, and I decided to try our hand at technology. “he declares Companies seeking something “different” coincided with his attempt at digital magic “for the debut of new products, promotions, and corporate events

Kharbanda has been busy working with clients for events. The most recent event of which was held in Mumbai last month for Asian Paints, Tata Steel, and Halonix. Leyser has also performed in India for brands such as Unilever, Vodafone, Airtel, and ESPN. He’s even dabbled in Bollywood, performing his iPad magic at the music launch of Happy New Year in 2014, bringing out CDs, chocolates, tennis balls, and flowers for Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, and the rest of the ensemble.

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