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Computers and Technology

Ways To Earn Using Photoshop

Photoshop, a well know photo editing software from adobe. Whether it’s young or old anyone who is interested heard of it. Especially the young ones. Changing background or swapping bodies, this type of editing was very popular and enjoyable. But that was it. But after thoroughly studying all the components of the software it was discovered that it can be much more than a simple background changer.

And if you are skilled enough to use those components to their fullest then it’s possible to use them in the professional field and earn using them. Yeah, you heard it right you can earn using you photoshop skill. You can earn from home online or work in an office.

Now that you can earn using photoshop skills how should you implement them and start earning? Well, there are various ways to implement them let me tell you about some of them.

# Making stock photos

Stock images are images that are used in various websites or apps. This type of image is very popular among them. Sites like Shutterstock and 500px sell them at steep prices and make a lot of revenue through them. But what makes them unique is that most of them aren’t just one photo but a combination of photos that gives a whole new shape with the combination of your skills and imagination.

# Create and sell mockups

Mockups are on kind of template that allows you to look over how a product or image would look if it were placed in a certain scenario. Like if you created a logo then there are mockups of websites or cards that can help to look at how your logo would behave if it was situated there.

# Make tutorials on editing

Making tutorials might seem boring and a lot of work but they are a great way to polish your skills. Also, they could help you to stream your talent. Nowadays there are various websites like Youtube, Udemy, Streaming Plug, etc. in which if you were to upload your video not only would your skill will be promoted on a worldwide scale you could also earn money from them depending on the growth of your followers and views.

# Creating website themes

Yeah, you can also make website mockups in photoshop as well. And darn good one at that. Before the introduction of various UI software that is available now Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator we the goto software to create such designs. Though many better options have appeared it doesn’t mean that they have become obsolete. Various platforms still provide PSD themes templated alongside other formats.

# Creating document templates

For designing with photoshop the sky is the limit. It has influence in many sectors in the digital platform. So why would documents be left out? People often search for ready-made document templates to make their documents look more classy and unique. Like,

  • Resume/CV templates
  • Ebook templates
  • Form templates
  • Email templates
  • And many more

# Freelance editing services

We all know that you can find jobs in almost all categories on the web. And photo editing is not an exception to this rule. If you look up freelancing sites like Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr, etc. you would see that various job requests pay a decent amount for photo editing, photo manipulating, mockup development, and many more.

# Create custom icons and graphics

There are various brands and businesses out there that prefer some unique icons and graphics that can represent their services and products more thoroughly. Which are not only used on their websites or pamphlets but also on their social platform posts as well. Not only that you can also sell them to various stock image websites.

Final Thoughts

These are just some of the ways that you can earn money from photoshop. The digital platform is evolving at a fast pace. Thus new opportunities are opening up to us. As for editing as long as you have your imagination the sky is limit regarding its implementation.

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