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Wall Painting can turn your room into a work of art

Our homes are a representation of our ideals since they are just an extension of us. That does explain why the rooms or houses of some people depict a certain essence. Most people prefer to decorate them according to their preferences like they use Wall Painting.

Moreover, some people like houses with big airy rooms, while others prefer ones with smaller rooms. Anyway, the design of the room and the house as a whole is a reflection of us and our taste.

So how can people personalize the inside of their rooms to represent themselves? Well, the most important aspect in the field of interior design is your selection of all the colors and paint inside your rooms.

First comes the preference of the color, then the next decision is picking a design, and the next step is to paint the walls. All these steps go into the process of wall painting.

However, that’s not all, there is a whole process that is required. And, in this article, we are overviewing steps that are required in this long but satisfying process, from beginning to the end. After reading this, you’ll have a firm grasp of the intricacies involved in this not-so-complicated yet fun wall painting process, and can either do it yourself or hire someone else to do it, depending on how you feel.

The 10 different steps that are involved in the long but quite fun and interesting process of wall painting are as follows:- 

Always make a plan and strategize the entire procedure.

You need to first visualize exactly how you would want your room to look like. And if you would like all the walls to be of the same color or different? If different, how many? Which colors, hues, and shades? What about the roof? How about the window panes and door sills? Which colors look good in combination? All these decisions need to be taken before you begin with it.


Select the colors, shaders, and hues that you would like to paint

Then comes the all-important task of choosing and selecting the exact colors, shades, and hues that you like. This might be quite time-consuming or even difficult due to the sheer number of available choices. For this, keep in mind that you might need to visit a place that specializes in mixing and matching colors to produce exactly what you want.


Pick up all the materials that will be involved in the process

There are a lot of different materials that you will need to start the procedure. The tools that you might need are first, some paint, then some paint rollers, extension poles, some cloths, different-sized paint brushes, trays, paper, painter’s tape, rags, and some specialized putty knives. All these need to be present before you proceed with your work.

Calculate the quantity of the paint that would be needed

This step requires some measurements, then some estimations, and finally some small calculations as per the content, texture, and viscosity of the paint. Initially, you would have to measure the walls, their surface areas, then take all of it to the shop and ask how much quantity of paint would you require to paint the entire area without running out and having to get some more.

Prepare all the walls and surfaces that need to be painted

This is a very important step in the process as it ensures that nothing gets damaged, destroyed, or rendered unusable. First, cover all the furniture including the items in your room so the paint doesn’t get on them. Secondly, move them away from the walls that will be painted and lastly, cover corners and boundaries with some painter’s tape.

Mix and get all the different paint combinations ready

This process is a bit tricky and will need professionals. Say you have a shade in mind but don’t know exactly how to make it. You will need to mix different paints in specific quantities to get that exact color. This requires some special equipment, calculations, and measurements so you should look for assistance from some professionals.

Deciding the painting technique you will be going with

The technique that will be used for painting is very important if you are looking to get an even and uniform spread of paint. Firstly, start from up and work your way down so you can catch all the drips. Secondly, paint the light side of walls first if you plan on doing differently painted walls. Always remember that dark paint will cover any extra light paint and last but not least, work slowly.

Keep your rooms including the house well-ventilated and airy

Paint fumes are toxic and can be harmful to your health, especially if breathed in over a long time. So you must get a good quality face mask, open all the doorways and windows inside the room or the house itself, and lastly, keep the air flowing since this will help the paint to dry quickly and also keep the fumes outside your house.

Paint all the different walls and surfaces

Finally, after all the preparation is done and you have got all the tools, and everything is covered, you can start painting. Be careful to go slowly and steadily while following your original plan and strategy for the entire process of painting. Do not rush and take care of your health by wearing a mask as well as resting often in between.

Clean up after yourself and wait for it all to be dry

Finally, when you are done, clean up all the tools, take them away, tidy the place up and then take a well-deserved rest while waiting for it all to dry up. After some days, it will be ready and you can go take a look to see if the job was satisfactory or not. If needed, you can give the finishing touch, and you are done!


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