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Wall Organizers And It’s Many Uses In Modern Household

We often run out of space to keep our essentials. We often overdo our tables and desk with our daily objects. Little do we know that there are plenty of ways to store your essentials if not tables and desks. Walls have huge spaces left to be utilized which we often miss. We know that the first thing that comes to your mind is wall shelves. But the fact is, there is more to walls than just wall shelves. Modern décor caters to minimalism yet classic appearances of homes. Apart from wall shelves, it’s the stylish wall organizers which work in two ways. First, it stores your essential go-to objects like magazines, stationaries, and other such things. Second, it complements your décor by adding elegance and style to your wall.

Yes, wall organizers could be one of the smartest innovations that go superb with any wall. Wallmantra understands the art of decorating walls and maintaining their sanctity. Therefore, to utilize the space in the best way it has come with creative wall organizers and wooden shelves for walls. It takes care that the vibe of the wall is not agitated.

Wall Organizer

Wondering what organizers are we talking about? Here, take a look:

Grista Hanging Maganize Holder


Magazines and newspapers constitute one of the most regular parts of our lives. Many love to store newspapers while others prefer getting away from it once read. For the one who loves storing metal book holder journals and magazines, don’t clutter the table anymore. Get this sleek and stylish octagon magazine holder for your living room or bedroom wall and free some spaces on your desk and table.

Wall Organizer With Mirror  

This has to be everyone’s favorite for it has a mirror! Yes, mirrors are one of the most attractive objects at home and you can’t deny that fact. We always want to sneak a glance of ourselves every now and then. This wall organizer with a broad mirror works as a dressing table as well as an organizer. Therefore, it’s a high utility product and fits best in your bedroom and living room. Place your favorite books on one side and cosmetics and body care for dressing on the other side.

Wall Shelf

Square Designer Wall Shelf

This simple yet classic wall shelf fits almost anywhere, be it a bedroom, living room, or study room. It is made of high-quality steel in a matte finish that adds elegance to your walls. It also works as a display shelf wherein you can put your favorite objects and figurines for maximum exposure. Its simplicity is its major attraction.

Metal Book Wall Holder

If you’re an avid reader, we’re pretty sure that plenty of your books might be scattered here and there. You might not always feel like organizing it on the table or desk and this is why this metal book holder might be your net favorite thing at home. Simply put it in the holder which is the easiest and fastest way to clear the clutter in your living room or bedroom.

Multi-utility Wall Hanging Organizer With Giraffe Print

Cloth wall organizers are one of the best wall organizers because it somehow provides more space which can actually be utilized in more ways than one. It also works like a quirky wall-hanging which looks just fine in your bedroom and in the kitchen as well. The kitchen is the area that requires a lot of shelves and organizers to store products. This cloth wall organizer fits the best for such an area.

Hand Crafted Ceramic Wrought Iron Hook

Hooks are an important part of any household. To hang a purse, or small objects, you obviously require hooks mounted on the wall or door. The same old hooks and hangers have become mundane. Moreover, it doesn’t really match with modern décor. Therefore, this amazing designer hook adds a touch of aesthetics to the wall and suits best in your bedroom. Moreover, this comes in a set of two for you to hand more stuff.

Jute-fabric multi-utility wall hanging

This has to be one of the most traditional wall hanging/organizers which goes with any décor. Jute fabric is one of the most durable fabrics and therefore, it wouldn’t break down even if you put in heavy substances. It comes with a five-pocket, you can segregate and put your essentials accordingly. The best part is, it goes with almost any décor style and pattern.

White and blue striped Multi Utility Wall Hanging Organizer

Made of imported high-quality coated canvas for sturdiness, this unique design wall hanging is a chic addition to walls and doors. The white and blue color contrast complements the contemporary décor style.  Place your essentials in the five pockets stitched to it. This could just be your next favorite go-to wall organizer to hang your stuff.


Wallmantra brings you all these pretty pieces at an affordable price range. Pick one for your wall which has plenty of space. Also, you can get these for your friends and colleagues as a gift. You can also get these wall organizers for your office space. Get exciting offers and deals only at Wallmantra.


WallMantra is a trusted eretail platform for home/office decorative products. At WallMantra, we offer Paintings, Clocks, Mirrors, Planters, Frames, Aquariums, Lamps, Wallpapers/stickers, Decorative Wall Plates, etc. in several shapes, designs, and sizes at reasonable prices. We are acknowledged for offering high-quality decorative products, timely delivery, and excellent customer care support.

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